Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Coleman Fliplid Cooler

10 quart (6 cans) size

Plastic composition


Pros: Extremely mobile, great implementation of cup holders, affordable
Cons: Short ice life, very limited carrying space, not a lot of color choices

FlipLid, lid becomes serving tray, molded can holders inside of lid, wide base for stability, rotating carrying handle


Coleman Fliplid Cooler Review

Coleman Fliplid Cooler Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 19, 2019

The Coleman Fliplid cooler is a special personal cooler that is intended for one or two people.  Its unique feature is that the lid flips over and doubles as a serving tray which contains two molded beverage holders inside.  It has thermozone insulation which will help overall insulation as well.  It has an overhead rotating handle for easy carrying.  It can fit approximately 6 cans (around 10 quarts), is available in a couple of colors, and is made of plastic.

Insulation ability –  2 star

As suspected, the ice life of this product is pretty short.  This is simply the price you pay for such a small ice box that is also quite thin.  In addition, due to the size, there isn’t a lot of room to include ice and if you go heavy on the ice, you will not even have room to include the 6 cans that it advertises as being able to carry.  It is great for a short picnic or lunch at the beach but not much beyond that.

Mobility and durability –  3.5 star

Weighing in at around 2 pounds empty, you’ll hardly notice you are even carrying it.  Even with 6 cans and some ice, it is extremely lightweight and the handle makes it easy to hold on to.  Although it is a bit thin since it will never weight a lot due to lack of volume it will hold up for many seasons of use without worry.  The feature of the internally molded cup holders is a great idea and means that you’ll even have to carry less with you on your trip since a place to put your drink and set your lunch is also included despite being a small package.  Obviously taking advantage of this feature will mean even shorter ice life, however.

Visual Appeal –  3 star

This is a simple design with a couple of color options.  The handle looks well put-together and is a nice touch both visually and functionally over-molded side handles.  You won’t turn any heads with this look but it is a safe and proven design.

Cost –  3.5 star

Online prices have been at the top of the budget category.  This is a great price no matter what the performance as you will enjoy a very reliable product.

Overall Rating –  3 star

One of the smallest hard plastic coolers you can buy, it definitely fills the void for those looking for a cooler to hold enough for a short lunch or trip outside.  Insulation is lacking but that is to be expected.  However, we really like the inclusion of the internal cup holders.  A decent purchase for the price as long as you understand the pros and cons of such a small cooler.  The simple fact of the matter, however, is that many people will simply be looking for a cooler with higher capabilities.

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