Picnic Plus Tremont Picnic Backpack Review



Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Picnic Plus Tremont Picnic Backpack

45-quart size

Plastic, fabric, and metal composition


Pros: Great package of assorted picnic items, looks great, cooling area is serviceable enough
Cons: Very heavy for the size, might struggle to store all of your chilled items, container may fall apart over time

Includes plates, goblets, napkins, flatware, knife, shakers, and blanket, side wine storage, padded shoulder strap, separate carrying handle, internal and external mesh pocket, front zipper pocket
Picnic Plus Tremont Picnic Backpack Review

Picnic Plus Tremont Picnic Backpack Review

This is our Picnic Plus Tremont Picnic Backpack Review.  The Picnic Plus Tremont Picnic Backpack is a total package for those looking for a mobile solution to store and transport picnic items.   It is not only a backpack but also comes with the essentials needed for a picnic: plates, goblets, flatware, cheese board, knife, condiment shakers, and more.  The main compartment is insulated to help maximize cool life and it also contains multiple zippered compartments to store non-cooled items.  The cooled compartment is insulated to help assist cold life and the entire package is available in a couple of color choices.  This product stores approximately 45 quarts and is made of fabric, plastic, and metal.

Insulation ability –  3 star

The combination of the insulated lining and impressive size equates to something that will keep items cold for a few hours, or long enough for a picnic which is its intention.  This is a unique presentation in that the main selling point isn’t necessarily the cooling feature but rather the “total package”, containing many items that don’t need to be cooled.  Despite these additional items, it is still able to perform acceptably in the cooling department.

Mobility and durability –  2.5 star

This is an impressive package for just how much it brings to the table and the fact that it is contained in a product that can be carried on your shoulders.  For having all of the items necessary for a picnic it is extremely mobile, and you are unlikely to find a better option on the market.  However, it comes at a cost: it is extremely heavy.  When you fill up the inside with lunch items and potentially ice or ice packs and then also carry the including dishes, silverware, etc., it can become a bit burdensome.  Also, the build quality is a bit lacking.  For how much is offered and for the price it is obvious that some quality shortcuts had to be made.  Because of this, some of the items and the container itself might start to fall apart over time.

Visual Appeal –  5 star

This is a fantastic-looking cooling product.  All of the various items come together so well and is packaged so nicely that many would be surprised when they realize just how much it contains while still looking presentable.  While the true quality is in question, it does visually look the part.  There are also a couple of color options which increases flexibility.

Cost –  3 star

Online this backpack typically falls in the intermediate price tier.

Overall Rating –  3.5 star

The Picnic Plus Tremont Picnic Backpack Review gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.  This is a really unique product that offers quite a bit for the price.  The fact that it is able to offer so many items and features while still adhering to acceptable cooling performance is a nice plus.  In addition, it looks fantastic doing it.  There are some quality issues but, in this case, the good outweighs the bad and would definitely recommend this product.

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