Yens Fantasybag Cooler Bag Cooler Review
Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Yens Fantasybag Cooler Bag Cooler

6 quarts size

Plastic, fabric, and metal composition


Pros: Affordable, very light, many different color choices
Cons: Not great insulation, easily tears, shoulder strap is too short, modest design

Front zippered compartment, adjustable shoulder strap


Yens Fantasybag Cooler Bag Cooler Review

Yens Fantasybag Cooler Bag Cooler Review

This is our Yens Fantasybag Cooler Bag Cooler Review.  The Yens Fantasybag Cooler Bag Cooler is intended for those looking for a cost-effective and simple storage unit to keep their lunch or picnic items cool.  This product has a primary compartment that is insulated and accessed via top zippers.  In addition, there is a front zippered sleeve pocket as well as an open mesh pocket on the back for additional storage of items that don’t have to stay cold.  For carrying purposes an adjustable side strap is included which can either be carried on the shoulder or simply held in one’s hand.  This product comes in a wide variety of colors, is made of fabric, plastic, and metal, and stores approximately 6 quarts.

Insulation ability –  2 star

The cooling ability of this bag is about average for lunch bags on the market.  There is obvious insulation but it is rather thin and flimsy so while we know it helps it is also likely not playing a huge role.  In addition, the zippers leave a noticeable gap when closed which easily allows cold air to escape.  That being said, it will still be able to keep your items cold for a few hours or until lunch.  This major issue is that this product leaks pretty easily so any ice or ice packs you put in to help lengthen cool time will end up leaking everywhere.

Mobility and durability –  2 star

The build quality is somewhat lacking on this product.  The fabric used tears easily and once it tears it tends to fall apart rather quickly.  In addition, the zippers are keen to break from time to time as well.  The shoulder strap/handle, while a nice idea, will be too short for many adults and they will have to resort to carrying it like a handle.  It would also have been nice to have a more rigid base or sides so that it maintains its shape better.  However, it is very light and mobile and can easily be stored without taking up much space.  And having the additional zipper and mesh pocket is a nice touch.

Visual Appeal –  2.5 star

This is a very plain-looking cooler bag, but it does come in a wide range of colors.  We do wish there was a bit more variation on the color scheme or perhaps some altering fabric patterns or something but for the price, it isn’t a major issue.

Cost –  3.5 star

This cooler bag will typically fall in the upper budget tier online.

Overall Rating –  2.5 star

The Yens Fantasybag Cooler Bag Cooler Review earns 2.5 out of 5 coolers.  This item struggles on several fronts, many of which are centered on its less-than-stellar build quality.  Issues such as leaking and weak zippers can make this a somewhat frustrating cooler to use.  The price is pretty good, however, but even considering this, we recommend to try something else.

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