Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Ao Backpack Cooler

18 cans (approx. 25 quarts) size

Plastic and nylon composition


Pros: Mostly water-resistant, extremely mobile, uses tough materials, very attractive look
Cons: A bit short on ice life, quite expensive


Removable padded shoulder strap, three external storage pockets, leak-proof liner, chest clip
Ao Backpack Cooler Review

Ao Backpack Cooler Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 20, 2019

This is our Ao Backpack Cooler Review.  The Ao Backpack Cooler adheres to the tried and tested Ao soft-sided performance but comes with removable shoulder straps, turning it into a backpack.  It features two side pockets as well as a larger back pocket for additional items.  It has the thick ¾” foam outer wall which is advertised as keeping things cool for 24 hours. 

It is available in a number of colors including camouflage, and all color choices come in 18 can sizes (around 25 quarts of total volume).  It is primarily made of nylon and plastic.

Insulation ability –  3 star

Expect cooling times to be a bit less than the advertised 24 hours, especially if carrying on your back and doing physical activities.  This still isn’t terrible for a soft-sided cooler, and the other benefits such as being mostly water-resistant help to compensate for this.  It is important to remember that ice life on soft-sided coolers will rarely match those of hard-sided coolers.

Mobility and durability –  4 star

Being able to convert into a backpack makes this product extremely mobile.  The 18-can size, while still larger than most other 18-pack soft-side coolers on the market, is still small enough to be converted into a backpack without too much issue.  The material used is tough enough for your typical daily activities although the outside can show signs of wear if exposed to too much abrasion.  The straps should stay in one piece although for just an 18-can option this is sort of expected since there won’t be significant amounts of weight being thrown around.

Visual Appeal –  4 star

The backpack looks pretty high-quality and the inclusion of the other zipper compartments pulls the entire look together nicely.  There are also enough color choices to appeal to just about everyone depending on their preference.

Cost –  2 star

Online prices for this product will put it in the premium-tier category in terms of dollars per quart of storage volume.  This is quite high and may not be reasonable for many people who are looking for larger storage space for this asking price.

Overall Rating –  3.5 star

We give the Ao Backpack Cooler Review 3.5 coolers out of 5.  A great-performing backpack that has an acceptable cooling ability and is tough enough to hold up to typical wear and tear for quite some time.  It is a bit expensive for the amount of storage that it has, but if you are willing to pay the premium price it should meet most of your needs.

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