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This is a listing of all OAGear Coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best OAGear Coolers with our internal ranking system. OAGear is short for Outdoor Active Gear, which is a company that offers a wide variety of camping-related products.  As such, dealing specifically with cooling and insulated products isn’t a norm for them.  

However, the products they do offer are of high quality and construction since they are intended for potentially rugged outdoor adventures. For those that are after a mobile cooling solution for an individual or small group and plan to use them in outdoor settings, we recommend browsing what OAGear has to offer.  For some other mobile-friendly coolers that have comparable prices and performance, we also recommend you check out our reviews of Arctic Zone coolers, Dalix Coolers, eBags Coolers, and Wildkin Coolers.

Our Top Rated OAGear Coolers

 OAGear Cooler Sports Pack
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Our Rating3 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$
Ice Life12-24 hours
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A Unique Viewpoint on coolers

Being a company that specializes in outdoor gear of all types, OAGear is used to creating products that are designed to handle the harshest elements.  They understand what manufacturing processes, materials, and design approaches are necessary to best cater to the outdoorsman.  This is also evident in their coolers. 

This should be reassuring to those looking to purchase a cooler that will be used outdoors hiking, camping, etc.  As mentioned above, OAGear primarily makes non-cooler related items but the many helpful tricks and manufacturing processes that they have learned from other items inspire their approach to make coolers as well.

A Wide Variety of Color Choices

There is an impressive and varied choice of color schemes to go with, including the ever-popular camouflaged look.  This means that no matter who is shopping, they can likely find a style that works for them.  The color choices also complement the overall flow of the coolers quite well, and they give off a very professional appearance.

Exceptional Mobility

oagear mobility

Being a company for the outdoorsman, OAGear understands what it takes to be mobile.  That is why many of their products have multiple carrying options, are lightweight, and have optimally sized to be very easy to carry on your back or your shoulder.  This allows you to keep your hands free for the necessary tasks that one has to do while outdoors.  

Also, the methods of carrying them are typically quite comfortable, and OAGear will typically have well-placed and high-quality pads and fabrics were necessary to avoid harsh rubbing.

Tons of great accessories and storage areas

When you purchase an OAGear cooler, you aren’t just buying a cooler.  You are buying something that can store all of your necessary items, even those that don’t have to stay chilled.  This is accomplished through a variety of external pockets (both zippered as well as meshed), bungee cords, and various other features. 

This makes it much easier to store all of your items so you don’t have to worry about lugging along that extra bag.  These accessories aren’t gimmicky, either.  You can tell plenty of thought was put into including them and they look right at home on the AOGear product.

Reasonably Priced

Many of OAGear’s coolers are very well priced and should align with just about anybody’s budget.  This is very helpful for those looking for a well-performing product but that might be a bit strapped for cash.  While being affordable, they don’t cut corners on quality or take shortcuts in manufacturing.  We are always looking for brands that can find a happy balance between cost and quality.

They Stand Behind Their Product

OAGear offers a 2-year no-leak liner guarantee on all of their coolers.  This represents that they are confident in their work and willing to stand behind it if something does happen to break.  It also shows that their products are manufactured using quality materials and acceptable manufacturing standards.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: OAGear Cooler Sports Pack

Range of storage sizes: 23 Quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 24 hours

Materials used: Plastic, fabric, and metal

Price range: budget

Wheeled options? No

Company Website:

OAGear Cooler Sports Pack

OAGear cooler sports pack reviewOur Rating:

 3 star

This is a handy backpack that has better-than-average cooling performance while still adhering to the mobile benefits of a traditional backpack.  Some build quality issues are holding it back from having an even higher rating, but even after considering these the combination of cooling ability, style, and price makes this product a decent buy.

Pros: Plenty of color schemes, very mobile, multiple storage areas, great price

ConsWeak shoulder straps, only one size

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