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This is a listing of all Ozark Trail coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Ozark Trail coolers with our internal ranking system.  Ozark Trail coolers are personal-sized soft coolers for those needing a product to take care of their lunch or small outing needs.  There aren’t a lot of size or color options, especially when compared to some of the other brands that have a much wider variety of product to choose from, but this small company does offer some particular benefits that might work for you.  We encourage you to check them out!

Our Top Rated Ozark Trail Coolers

 Ozark Trail
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Our Rating2.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$
Ice Life2-4 hours
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Keeps Things Simple

Ozark Trail doesn’t try to reinvent the personal cooler.  They approach things from a very straightforward manner.  They want to make an effective cooler that one can pack their lunch or small picnic items in for the day.  They believe that this mindset will work and it is reflected in all of their products.

Very Mobile

The first thing you’ll likely notice about Ozark Trail Coolers is their extreme mobility.  They are sized so that they are very easy to carry, and they will fit just about anywhere.  This includes places that might normally be hard to fit a cooler in such as under a cat seat, on the back of a motorcycle, in a locker, and the list goes on.  In addition, they are constructed with very lightweight materials which mean that these coolers are extremely easy to transport.

A lot of Places to Store Things

ozark trail coolers storage options

Don’t like its small size fool you.  Ozark Trail coolers have a surprising amount of external storage options.  These include multiple front zipper areas, side mesh pockets, and even a collapsible overhead insulated area.  For someone looking to pack some individual lunch items, you should have no problem working with the space that is given.

Cool Design

While the color palette is a bit lacking, we do appreciate Ozark Trail’s unique twist on the pattern and color scheme they implement.  The designs are really progressive and give off a rather professional look.  This will help you to stand out from the crowd.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Ozark Trail Cooler

Range of storage sizes: 7 to 14 Quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 6 hours

Materials used: Plastic, rubber, fabric, and metal

Price range: premium

Wheeled options? No

Company Website:

Ozark Trail

ozark trail cooler reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

This product is directed towards individuals that only need to store a few items for a short period of time.  Because of that, it comes with the expected weak points including short cooling ability and lack of features.  In addition, there are some build quality issues and the price is pretty high for what you are getting.

Pros: Very mobile and easy to carry, comfortable shoulder pad, progressive design

ConsStruggles with cooling ability, very weak walls, strap can unfurl, expensive for size, small storage space

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