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This is a listing of all Sacko coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Sacko coolers with our internal ranking system. Sacko deals exclusively in soft-sided coolers that are on the smaller side, many of which resemble the appearance of a sack (imagine that!).  Their main selling point is convenience and mobility, which makes many of their products great for someone who plans to be on the move and only needs a little bit of storage space and for a relatively small period of time.  If you are looking for a long-term cooling solution you should probably check out some other offerings, but they will likely be much bulkier and expensive.  If you are in the market for a short-term soft-sided cooler we also recommend you check out some of our reviews of Arctic Zone coolers, Dalix coolers and eBags coolers.

Our Top Rated Sacko Coolers

 Sacko Insulated Cooler BagSacko Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch BagSacko Insulated Lunch Bag
sacko insulated cooler bag thumbnailsacko dual compartment insulated lunch bag thumbnailsacko insulated lunch bag thumbnail
Our Rating4 star3.5 star3.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$$$
Ice Life6-8 hours6-8 hours5-6 hours
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A Lightweight Approach

One thing that you’ll quickly notice about all Sacko products is just how lightweight they are.  This is due to a combination of using lightweight materials and implementing a design that doesn’t require a lot of material.  This means that they are extremely easy to carry and just about everyone should be able to transport one of their products, even when they are full to capacity.  This can be quite handy if you are trying to carry a cooler along with several other items at the same time.

Optimized Carrying Options

sacko cooler carrying methods

To go along with the lightweight approach, Sacko items are also quite easy to carry due to their optimized carrying methods.  In fact, some of their products even have multiple ways to carry them (padded shoulder strap and handle on the lid).  This means that they should be easy to carry whether you have a shoulder free or a hand free.  In addition, the carrying methods are strategically placed to make them very convenient without concerns of it constantly hitting your side while carrying.  This is something we are thankful for, because there is nothing worse than having a full cooler constantly smack your side or leg while you are trying to carry it!

Surprising Ice Life

When we typically think of soft-sided coolers we think of extreme short-term solutions that aren’t designed to keep items cool for more than a couple of hours.  This limits their applications to lunches or short picnics.  Sacko attempts to break this stereotype but designing products that can see 6 hours or more of ice life.  While this might not seem like a huge increase (especially when we talk of many coolers on here than can last for a week or longer!) it really does open up many more options in how to use these coolers.  No longer are you limited to short lunch or picnic outings, and if you do stick to these you can be rest assured knowing that they should be able to handle even more demanding environments like sitting under the sun on a hot summer day.

Very Easy to Store

These items are all relatively small, which means that they are very easy to tuck away without getting in the way.  This makes them good for restricted areas such as lockers, motorcycles, under car seats, etc.  Furthermore, since all of their items are soft-sided they can be molded to fit into non-cubed shapes and when they are empty they can be flattened down quite a bit to be easily tucked away somewhere without taking up hardly any space.

Reasonably Priced

All of Sacko’s coolers are very competitively priced.  They should be near or within the budget of just about everyone who is on the market for a cooler, which means that they have a quite large target audience.  In reaching these price points, the manufacturer wanted to make sure not to skimp on quality or materials and they strongly believe that they can offer a well-made and long-lasting product while still hitting these impressive price points.

A lot of Cool Features

Don’t let Sacko’s small size and affordable prices fool you: they can come with a wide range of helpful and unique specifications and features that many coolers of similar size and price can’t keep up with.  These features help to make their products more user-friendly and also help them stand out from the competition.

Multiple Storage Areas

sacko cooler storage areas

Sacko is good about implementing multiple storage areas in many of their coolers.  This can come from a combination of additional insulated areas that can be accessed from above the primary storage area as well as non-insulated areas that come via external pockets and mesh enclosures that are great for non-chilled items.  Including these additional storage compartments will help to make sure that you can pack ALL of your items into the cooler, even if some do not need to be kept cold.  This leaves your hands and arms more free to do other things.

Easy Access to Items

Many of their products also have really helpful and unique ways to access stored products.  Such examples include quick-access Velcro hatches on the lid which allows for an entryway to stored items without having to unzip the entire top zipper.  This can help with convenience and also can prolong ice life since you are minimizing the exposure to hot outside air.  In addition, they will oftentimes design their openings to be extra wide and use multiple zippers which can also assist in getting items if you are in a tight location or only have one hand available.

General Product Information

Products Reviewed: Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag, Sacko Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Bag, Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag

Range of storage sizes: 8 to 23 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 8 hours

Materials used: Plastic, nylon, metal, and polyester

Price range: Budget to Intermediate

Wheeled options? No

Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag

sacko insulated cooler bag reviewOur Rating4 star

A simple bag that performs quite well compared to what else is out there.  And when you consider the attractive price, the results are even more impressive.  The success comes from the quality insulation used and the optimized design that isn’t too big or too small.  We also like notable features such as the quick-access top latch.

Pros: Great price, high-quality insulation, large enough for most applications, quick-access Velcro hatch

Cons: Wish it was a little bit tougher

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Sacko Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Bag

sacko dual compartment insulated lunch bag reviewOur Rating3.5 star

This bag will outperform most similar sized lunch bags when it comes to ice life.  In addition, there are multiple storage areas (both insulated and non-insulated) to meet all of your lunch needs.  Having multiple colors to choose from is an added bonus.  Our only issue is that the material could use a bit of thickening up.

Pros: Very nice cooling ability, two separate storage areas with easy access, multiple carrying handles, looks great

Cons: Material is a little flimsy

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Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag

sacko insulated lunch bag reviewOur Rating3.5 star

An effective and simple lunch bag that has a spot for everything an individual would need for a lunch.  The zipper quality and material is quite good for a lunch bag at this price point and the looks aren’t bad, either.  The only concern is that it may be a bit too small for someone who happens to pack larger lunches or for any more than one person.

Pros: Insulation and zipper seal is adequate, easy access top, great aesthetics

Cons: 8-quart option might be a bit too small for some

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