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This is a listing of all Rubbermaid coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Rubbermaid coolers with our internal ranking system. Rubbermaid is a very large company that has products in a variety of categories other than coolers.  Despite having their hands in a lot of different places, they do have a pretty impressive cooler selection, with a huge range of sizes, prices, ice life, and applications.  Because of this, no matter what you plan on using your cooler for, there is a good chance that Rubbermaid has a product that will align with your wants and needs.  Because of this, we encourage you to browse through our reviews and hopefully you will find something that works for you!  For some comparable companies that also specialize in a having a huge selection of coolers to choose from, we encourage you to go over and check out our reviews of Coleman coolers and Igloo coolers as well.

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 Rubbermaid Gott MarineRubbermaid DuraChill WheeledRubbermaid
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Our Rating4 star3.5 star3 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$
Ice Life5-7 days4-5 days1-2 days
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A long tradition

Rubbermaid is one of the oldest cooler companies out there, having been established in 1920.  As mentioned above, they have their hands in a lot more things than just coolers but they still have a quite varied selection of ice chests to choose from.  While to some this may be a turn-off, we feel that having experience in a variety of categories and product lines gives them a unique understanding of how to approach a product, from its initial design to its manufacturing and even its presentation.  In addition, they might have retained specialized manufacturing approaches or procedures that could give them an edge over the competition.

Huge Variety of Sizes

rubbermaid cooler sizes One factor that we really like about Rubbermaid coolers is just how large of a size range they offer.  Specifically, they offer sizes from 5 quarts all the way up to 150 quarts.  This means that no matter what task or application you are planning they likely having a size that will work for you.  It also shows us that they have a good understanding of scaling up and down a product.  However, they still incorporate unique design features or specifications to certain sizes to make them perform better.  They could have taken the easy route and simply “doubled” the size of a given cooler and called it a day, but instead, they approach each product as if it is its own.

Great Prices

Rubbermaid products are also known for their very affordable prices.  They will oftentimes be one of the cheapest options out there, no matter what size.  This means that just about anybody on any budget could swing purchasing one of their products.  This even applies to their products that are targeted at keeping up with the premium-tier coolers on the market.  When looking at their relative price per quart there aren’t a lot of options that can keep up.

High Standards and No Shortcuts

Despite their great prices, Rubbermaid does not skimp on quality.  They have a very reputable name that they have worked almost 100 years to achieve, and they don’t want to tarnish that by becoming lax on manufacturing or material selection.  Many of their products are designed to keep ice for several days, and they are intended to be used for years rather than a single season.  In order to achieve this, they have to stick to quality construction.  While they typically stick with plastic components, they have designed them to still have adequate cycle life especially when compared to most other companies on the market that stick with plastic to keep costs down.

Lightweight and very mobile

We have also noticed that Rubbermaid coolers tend to be on the lighter side, especially when comparing them with much of their competition for a given size.  This likely has to do with a combination of the materials that they use as well as an optimized manufacturing process that allows them to minimize what excess weight and material they put on a given product.   Furthermore, many of their products come with multiple carrying methods and they even have wheeled options available.   Some of their coolers will have built-in or rotating side handles and others will have overhead pivot handles.   These various attributes help to make their products very easy to carry and transport.

Plenty of Additional Features

rubbermaid cooler accessories Rubbermaid products also typically come with helpful features that are oftentimes built into the product that makes the user experience that much better.  Good examples of this include the grooved housings for ice packs on the Gott Marine Cooler, Dual access lid with molded cup holders on their DuraChill Coolers, and their extending handles on many of their wheeled products.  These and other features are not mandatory, but the fact that Rubbermaid actively decided to add them shows that they understand what the customer wants and needs and they are willing to supply it to them while keeping prices down.

Offer Plenty While Keeping Things Simple

As shown above, Rubbermaid offers quite a bit in regards to features and benefits, but one thing that we have always noticed with them is that they present their products in a very straightforward and simple approach.  They don’t add crazy designs or aesthetic patterns on their coolers, nor do they go with a host of exotic materials to make them stand out.  They often like to go with simple color schemes (often white) and very subtle ridges and patterns on the outside of their products.  While this may be a negative to some, we feel that it passively shows that Rubbermaid knows what people want in a cooler, and that is adequate performance at a good price, and they emboss this approach in many of their items.

General Product Information

Products Reviewed: Rubbermaid Gott Marine Cooler, Rubbermaid DuraChill Wheeled Cooler, Rubbermaid Cooler, Rubbermaid Marine Cooler, Rubbermaid Wheeled Cooler

Range of storage sizes: 5 to 150 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 7 days

Materials used: Plastic and metal

Price range: Budget to Intermediate

Wheeled options? Yes

Company Website:

Rubbermaid Gott Marine

rubbermaid gott marine cooler reviewOur Rating4 star

This is a very well-performing ice box with a lot of great features for a good price.  It does the most important criteria (cooling) quite well and you can actually expect ice to last for a full week in optimal settings.  The weak point of hinges can be overlooked when you see all of the other positives that these cooler possess.

 Pros: Fantastic insulation, very tough, good grips, great price

Cons: Lid can bit a little stubborn, quite bulky

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Rubbermaid DuraChill Wheeled

rubbermaid durachill wheeled cooler reviewOur Rating3.5 star

A well-insulated cooler that still manages to be mobile, the DuraChill series hits the mark in most regards.  It is well constructed enough and features such as dual handles and a dual-hinged lid makes it user-friendly.  It is unfortunate that the plastic hinges are a weak point in an otherwise solid cooler.  It is a bit pricier than its more bare-boned sibling but the results are noticeable.

 Pros: Nice insulation, solid construction, impressive looks, good price

Cons: Too many leak paths, hinges are a bit too weak

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rubbermaid cooler reviewOur Rating3 star

This is a simple, highly popular cooler that is often used for short weekend trips.  The insulation ability is more than up to the task for this, and the great variety of sizes means that there should be a solution for just about anyone.  However, the weak handle is a problem that continues to plague this line of coolers.  If you can find these coolers for sale on the cheaper end of the price point range then they are a buy but if you see yourself paying on the upper range we recommend keeping your eye open for other buys.

 Pros: Good ice life for the size, strong lid, decent price

Cons: Weak handles, pretty plain design

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Rubbermaid Marine

rubbermaid marine cooler reviewOur Rating3 star

This is a decently-priced and relatively durable product that has the insulation ability to be a suitable option for a long weekend fishing trip or even a couple of days longer.  The water-friendly design and materials mean that it will feel right at home in both fresh and salt water.  The weak point is the handle which is notorious for breaking and this is quite unfortunate since there will be a lot of weight behind these when they are full and it would be nice to have a handle that can hold up to the demands.

 Pros: Very good insulation, thick durable plastic, good price

Cons: Plastic hardware can break, quite bulky, very boring design

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Rubbermaid Wheeled

rubbermaid wheeled cooler reviewOur Rating2.5 star

The split hinged lid and extended handle are great in making this a user-friendly cooler, but both features bring unwanted issues that cannot be overlooked.  The questionable sealing coupled with the tendency for the handle to rust and get stuck overshadows the positives.  Despite a good price, there are better choices for a short weekend mobile cooler.

 Pros: Wheels assist in mobility greatly, attractive look

ConsIssues with lid sealing, handle rusts easily

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