All Intermediate Priced Coolers

This is a listing of all intermediate priced coolers that we have reviewed.  “Intermediate” is defined as products that fall in the middle-tier in regards to dollars per quart of storage volume.  In other words, they are typically noticeably more expensive than a budget product but also noticeably cheaper than a premium product.  The reason we analyze these coolers based on dollars per quart rather than simply an overall cost is because it allows for a more direct comparison between two products of vastly different sizes.  For convenience, we have listed out our top intermediate priced coolers in the table below.

Our Top Rated Intermediate Coolers

 Rubbermaid Gott MarineIgloo Marine Ultra Soft Cooler BagArctic Zone Titan 16
rubbermaid gott marine cooler thumbnailigloo marine ultra soft cooler bag thumbnailarctic zone titan 16 thumbnail
Our Rating4 star4 star3.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$$$$$
Ice Life5-7 days36-48 hours24-36 hours
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Specifically, intermediate priced coolers oftentimes are in the one to two dollar per quart range.  There is a nice variety of sizes in this tier, ranging from tiny personal ice chests all the way up to huge examples.  Unlike the budget-tier, you will start to see more high-quality materials and metals used in some of these products, and having additional features becomes more common.  Related to this, cooling performance can be noticeably better than the budget offerings but still fall a bit short of some of the top premium coolers.

The primary target for products at this price are people looking for a happy medium between cooling ability/features and cost.  You generally won’t get the extremely long-term ice life and unique features found in the highest brands, but there are still plenty of choices here that will service you and your friends/family fine for most applications.

Rubbermaid Gott Marine

rubbermaid gott marine coolerOur Rating:

 4 star

This is a very well-performing ice box with a lot of great features for a good price.  It does the most important criteria (cooling) quite well and you can actually expect ice to last for a full week in optimal settings.  The weak point of hinges can be overlooked when you see all of the other positives that these cooler possess.

 Pros: Fantastic insulation, very tough, good grips, great price

Cons: Lid can bit a little stubborn, quite bulky

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Arctic Zone Titan 48

arctic zone titan 48 cooler review full

Our Rating:

  4 star

Arctic Zone’s largest remodeled soft-sided cooler, the Titan 48 increases storage capacity while sticking to the great looks and the huge list of features that we love about this brand.  It is reasonably-priced and has good enough ice life to meet most people’s casual needs.

Pros: Very convenient zipperless lid, Smartshelf Technology makes removing items a breeze, Extremely attractive

Cons: Somewhat weak zippers, Lower ice life than advertised in most applications

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Arctic Zone Titan 16

arctic zone titan 16Our Rating:

 3.5 star

Even though we are a little underwhelmed by the cooling ability of this product, we still really like everything else it has to offer.  The mobility and design feature are handy and effective, and we love the styling of it.  If you are needing a short-term cooling solution this product will be more than acceptable.

Pros: Very convenient lid, Smartshelf technology is a nice touch, looks awesome

Cons: Struggles with cooling life

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Igloo All-Terrain

igloo all terrain coolerOur Rating:

 3.5 star

A great product for those times that you will be getting off the beaten path and need to carry large amounts of cold goods.  This is a mostly well-built cooler that is very user-friendly and easy to transport.  The insulation ability is good enough for several days as well, and the price is more than acceptable.

Pros: Decent job at cooling, great mobility, looks aggressive, good price

Cons: Weak hinges, no other color options

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Igloo Super Tough STX

igloo super tough stx coolerOur Rating:

 3.5 star

For the most part, good ice life and sturdy construction as well as a decent price tag are huge plusses for these lines of coolers. While the hinges and latches look the part, they can still be the weak points in what would otherwise be a pretty bullet-proof large cooler.  Despite its flaws, it is still a quality a product that we recommend.

Pros: Very well-insulated, tough outer shell, looks awesome, acceptable price

ConsFasteners don’t always close tightly, very heavy

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Sacko Insulated Lunch Bag

sacko insulated lunch bagOur Rating:

 3.5 star

We feel that this lunch bag has some unique offerings that make it stand out.  The easy-access top and implementation of the bungee cords complement its better-than-average cooling performance well.  It also looks the part of a high-quality product.

 Pros: Insulation and zipper seal is adequate, easy access top, great aesthetics

Cons: 8-quart option might be a bit too small for some

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Ao Vinyl

ao vinyl coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

A tough product that has a good ice life for being a soft-sided cooler, while adhering to some of the benefits that those types of coolers bring.  It does fall a bit short on the looks category, though.  However for someone looking for a rugged but still somewhat mobile cooling solution this should do the trick.

Pros: Great cooling ability, two carrying choices, strong material

Cons: Still prone to scratches, not many external features, looks are questionable

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Coleman Soft

coleman soft coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

These soft coolers are well-made, attractive, and should last for several seasons.  There are multiple compartments and the removable hard shell is a nice touch.  Insulation ability is somewhat lacking but that is to be expected for this type of cooler.  Shop around since prices vary a lot on these and if you can find one on the lower end of the spectrum that are an OK buy, just don’t expect to be able to actually fit the advertised number of cans in one and keep them cold at the same time.

Pros: Look great, a lot of places to store items, plenty of sizes to choose from

Cons: Air easily escapes, exaggeration on how much you can actually store

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Dalix Cooler and Lunch Bag

dalix cooler and lunch bagOur Rating:

 3 star

A decent price and acceptable cooling ability make this a soft buy.  While it does struggle with storage size and the walls of the bag are a bit thin for our liking, the pros still outweigh the cons here if you just need a simple lunch bag.

Pros: Good cooling performance for the price, multiple storage areas, affordable

Cons: Quite large for a lunch bag, strap is somewhat weak, items in the top compartment can crush ones in the bottom compartment

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Igloo MaxCold Hard Top Gripper

igloo maxcold hard top gripper coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

This is a decent day cooler for those looking for a mobile solution that has an acceptable cooling ability.  It is lightweight and easy to carry and looks nice overall.  There are some questionable issues with the zipper life, however.

Pros: Acceptable job at keeping items cool, easy to carry, modern styling

ConsZipper can get stuck easily and there is only one of them, not enough additional features

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Igloo Party Bar

igloo party bar coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

For party appeal, this cooler can’t be beaten.  It looks great and the lights are actually quite handy when it is dark outside.  However, it is a very flimsy cooler and does a poor job of keeping things cold for very long, so don’t plan on using this for an extended camping trip but rather for a fun night entertaining friends.

Pros: Awesome looking cooler, compartmentalized storage, casters for mobility

ConsPoor ice preservation, flimsy lid

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driftsun cooler new

Our Rating:

 3 star

All of the premium components and features we look for in high-end coolers but a bit rough around the edges.  It comes in at a cheaper price but you will be sacrificing some in regards to ice life and toughness.

Pros: Premium features for a more affordable price, decent size range

Cons: Quality issues, Lid doesn’t hold a great seal, inconsistent insulation walls

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Igloo Island Breeze

igloo island breeze coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

The upgraded cooler shell is a nice touch and the shape helps to make it a very user-friendly cooler.  The cooling ability is a bit on the low side, however, so this would really only be a recommendation for a quick day or short weekend trip.  And why is the lid so hard to open and close?

Pros: Quite durable, wheeled options for mobility, modern look, decent price

Cons: Low cooling ability, lid can be stubborn

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Rubbermaid Marine

rubbermaid marine coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

This is a decently-priced and relatively durable product that has the insulation ability to be a suitable option for a long weekend fishing trip or even a couple of days longer.  The water-friendly design and materials mean that it will feel right at home in both fresh and salt water.  The weak point is the handle which is notorious for breaking and this is quite unfortunate since there will be a lot of weight behind these when they are full and it would be nice to have a handle that can hold up to the demands.

 Pros: Very good insulation, thick durable plastic, good price

Cons: Plastic hardware can break, quite bulky, very boring design

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Igloo MaxCold

igloo maxcold coolerOur Rating: 

3 star

The Max Cold cooler line does earn its name as it does a much better job of maximizing cold than most conventional coolers.  The extra insulation really shines and with so many size options there is sure to be one that works for you.  It is unfortunate that the handles and hinges can have issues, however.  Beyond that there are no major complaints, especially if you can find one on the lower end of the price spectrum.  On the higher end you can get into other premium offerings that might be a better choice.

Pros: Very good ice life, easy access to items, huge selection of sizes, many wheeled choices

ConsWeak handles, pretty modest styling

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Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack

picnic time zuma insulated cooler backpackOur Rating:

 2.5 star

This is a very “average” backpack, that doesn’t overly struggle with any particular facet but doesn’t knock it out of the park on anything either.  There are a few clever design details that we like but we also feel that including them hurt both the cooling performance as well as the cooling volume some.

Pros: Decent insulation ability, easy top access, plenty of storage areas

Cons: Limited in insulated storage volume, somewhat flimsy, very plain looking

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Thermos Element 5 Lunch Lugger

thermos element 5 lunch luggerOur Rating:

 2.5 star

The cooling performance of this part is good enough for its intended application, but it does struggle in the durability department and the design of it is a bit bland.  The price, while not terrible, is a bit too high for what you are getting with this lugger.

 Pros: Large cooling storage for the size, good size for easy mobility

Cons: Zippers break easily, only one color choice

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Ao Canvas

  Ao Canvas coolerOur Rating:

 2.5 star

A very “average” cooler in just about every sense of the word.  It will keep items cool for long enough period of time to be useful and the build quality isn’t terrible, but there are several minor complaints that we wish weren’t there for its intermediate price.

Pros: Acceptable cooling ability, multiple carrying options, many color choices

Cons: Fabric is prone to tearing, weak should strap, occasionally has odd folds in material

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Coleman Marine

coleman marine coolerOur Rating:

 2 star

There is a nice range of sizes and for short periods of time these cooler will suffice.  However, for marine-oriented products we expect a much longer ice life and it would also be nice to be a bit more durable and have better seals since typically these coolers will be thrown around quite a bit.  The price, while not super high, is at a level where would expect a bit more.

Pros: Relatively light for the size, cup holders in larger sizes, nice size range

Cons: Lackluster cooling life, weak handles, can be difficult to transport

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EasyLunchboxes Insulated Lunch Box Cooler Bag

easylunchboxes insulated lunch box cooler bagOur Rating:

 2 star

Lack of storage volume, poor cooling, few choices in features, and an overall boring design really turns us off from this cooler bag.  In addition, the price is oftentimes now even in the budget range, where we might be more lenient towards some shortcomings.

Pros: Very light, decent build quality

Cons: Poor cooling ability, too small of storage volume, boring design

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Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Rolling

  picnic at ascot collapsible rolling coolerOur Rating:

 2 star

Unfortunately, this cooler struggles in too many areas to warrant a recommendation by us.  The wheels, which are supposed to be one of the main selling points, struggle to be viable and the fact that the build quality is lacking are too glaring of issues, and the average-at-best cooling ability doesn’t get us excited.

Pros: One of the few soft-sided coolers on the  market with wheels, lightweight, a nice amount of storage volume

Cons: Very little insulation, poor build quality, only one color option, pretty expensive

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Igloo Marine Ultra Soft Cooler Bag

igloo marine ultra soft cooler bagOur Rating:

 4 star

Fantastic cooling life (for a soft top), great looks, and some helpful features are all huge pros for this cooler bag.  There are some build quality issues, however, but even with these the good just outweighs the bad too much and we definitely recommend this product for someone who is looking for a small cooling solution for the lake or pool.

Pros: Incredibly good insulation for a soft-side, multiple carrying methods, easy-access top, looks awesome

ConsA bit bulky and heavy, weak zippers and shoulder strap

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Techni Ice Cooler Bag

Techni Ice High Performance Cooler Bag (14Qt)

 4 star

A viable all-around bag, the Techni Ice Cooler Bag enjoys the extremely thick walls that we have come to enjoy from Techni Ice.  This results in good ice performance and toughness while maintaining a reasonable asking price.

 Pros: Good ice retention, Fair price, Good craftsmanship

Cons: Lack of colors, Not as many features as other soft-sided coolers

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Picnic Plus Tremont Picnic Backpack

picnic plus tremont picnic backpackOur Rating:

 3.5 star

This is a really unique product that offers quite a bit for the price.  The fact that it is able to offer so many items and features while still adhering to acceptable cooling performance is a nice plus.  In addition, it looks fantastic doing it.  There are some quality issues but, in this case, the good outweighs the bad and would definitely recommend this product.

Pros: Great package of assorted picnic items, looks great, cooling area is serviceable enough

Cons: Very heavy for the size, might struggle to store all of your chilled items, container may fall apart over time

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Igloo Marine Ultra

igloo marine ultra coolerOur Rating:

 3.5 star

A proven, established marine cooler that has all of the features you need for our next boat trip.  The huge range of sizes means there is likely something for you, and you get quite good insulation in the larger options.  Overall a great range of coolers but shop around for good prices.

Pros: Overall good to very good insulation, many wheeled options, stainless steel hardware, looks very professional

Cons: Can be quite bulky, need to shop around to find good deal

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Port & Company 6 Pack

port & company 6 pack coolerOur Rating:

 3.5 star

This is a great-performing bag that also looks the part.  The construction is up to par and the price, while not amazing, is at a point that is acceptable.  The biggest complaint is the lack of storage size, but if you can fit your necessary items into it then you should be content with this product.

Pros: Great cold retention, waterproof, very mobile, premium feel to the design

Cons: Limited storage size

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Sacko Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Bag

sacko dual compartment insulated lunch bagOur Rating:

 3.5 star

An all-around good offering by Sacko, this lunch bag is able to implement their individualized compartment feature without giving up on acceptable cooling ability or build quality.  There are cheaper choices out there but for what this bag offers, we feel it is worth the asking price.

 Pros: Very nice cooling ability, two separate storage areas with easy access, multiple carrying handles, looks great

Cons: Material is a little flimsy

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Coleman Xtreme Marine

coleman xtreme marine coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

The major issues such as poor insulation, lack of mobility, and a “boring” look have been improved with the Xtreme series, while actually being able to maintain (if not lower) prices in many instances.  The major design flow in the hinges is important to note, however, and something you need to be aware of while using the ice box if you want it to last a long time.

Pros: Very good ice life, wheeled options for mobility, relatively tough, higher quality materials

Cons: Lid can be too tight, quite heavy, screws can strip, pretty expensive

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Coleman Excursion

coleman excursion coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

This product has had a minor facelift and performance improvement compared to the conventional Coleman chest.  The improvements are welcome and we definitely prefer the Excursion over the latter.  However, it is only available in 9 and 16 quart options so if you need a larger size then you are out of luck.  Overall it is an acceptable solution for someone needing a personal/small party cooler for an afternoon at a reasonable price but it will struggle much beyond that.

Pros: Lid seals pretty well, rather tough, more progressive styling than predecessor

Cons: Still a little expensive, limited sizes, might be too small for many

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Arctic Zone Ultra 50

arctic zone ultra 50Our Rating:

 3 star

This product attempts to combine a relatively large storage volume with soft-sided technology and it overall does an acceptable job of it.  With up to 2 days of cooling life, a variety of helpful features, and a decent price it should make most people happy that are wanting to go the soft-sided route.

Pros: Quick-access lid is super handy, tons of storage space, mobile for its size

Cons: Can be quite bulky, not enough color choices

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Igloo Hard Liner

igloo hard liner coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

This product performs surprisingly well despite its assumed limitations of being a loose soft-top that is relatively small.  The build quality and portability are more than acceptable as well.  The visual department could have a bit of a boost but it is not a deal-breaker, and we would recommend this to someone looking for a simple, mobile cooler.

Pros: Acceptable ice life (especially with ice pack usage), easy to store and transport, a lot of choices in color

Cons: No handle for carrying, a little too flimsy

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Picnic Time Turismo

picnic time turismo coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

The cooling ability and features here are good enough to consider this item, but there are a couple of issues.  It appears that some shortcuts might have been taken in the construction of components to drive the price down, which does result in the performance and product life some.  And even with the shortcuts, it is still not a super cheap product.  However, we like the included features and mobility.

Pros: Multiple insulated areas for categorization and increased space, very mobile, professional-looking

Cons: Not waterproof, low-quality water bottle, velcro is weak

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rubbermaid coolerOur Rating:

 3 star

This is a simple, highly popular cooler that is often used for short weekend trips.  The insulation ability is more than up to the task for this, and the great variety of sizes means that there should be a solution for just about anyone.  However, the weak handle is a problem that continues to plague this line of coolers.  If you can find these coolers for sale on the cheaper end of the price point range then they are a buy but if you see yourself paying on the upper range we recommend keeping your eye open for other buys.

 Pros: Good ice life for the size, strong lid, decent price

Cons: Weak handles, pretty plain design

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Igloo MaxCold Workmans Meal to Go Cooler Bag

igloo maxcold workmans meal to go cooler bagOur Rating:

 3 star

For those looking for a rugged cooler bag that can handle some wear and tear this isn’t a bad option.  The insulation could be better and the zipper design is somewhat frustrating, but the product should last and is a fine solution for someone needing to keep their items chill for a work lunch or while working outdoors in the afternoon.

Pros: Multiple access points to stored items, tough outer material, very attractive styling, comfortable padded carrying handle

ConsInsulation performance could be a lot better, can be difficult to get to zipper while carrying

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Picnic Plus Savoy Insulated Lunch Tote

picnic plus savoy insulated lunch toteOur Rating:

 2.5 star

This is an attractive product but has some underlying issues.  The most significant is the simple fact that it doesn’t do a very good job of keeping items cool and it also doesn’t have a lot of storage ability for chilled items.  We like the general approach here but it would need some tweaks before we would label it as a buy.

Pros: Quite roomy for being a lunch tote, plenty of storage areas, great color and pattern selection

Cons: Struggles with cold retention, not a lot of room specifically for chilled items

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Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack

  picnic at ascot cooler backpackOur Rating:

 2.5 star

If you are simply looking for a backpack to keep our items cool for a few hours this will work, but it doesn’t do anything incredibly well.  Cooling ability is average at best and the straps are notoriously weak.  There is quite a bit of carrying space considering the size, however.

Pros: Extremely mobile, plenty of pockets for storage, nice design

Cons: Struggles some with keeping items cool, weak straps

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Thermos Element 5 Can 

thermos element 5 can coolerOur Rating:

 2.5 star

The most impressive feat with this cooler is how much it can store despite what appears to be a relatively small size.  Unfortunately, nothing else about it really stands out and in fact, it somewhat struggles with cooling.  The price is at a point where it isn’t a horrible buy but there are better choices out there.

 Pros: Adequate job of cooling, carries quite a bit for the size

Cons: Not a lot of other storage options, zipper is very weak, flimsy structure, little variance in aesthetics

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Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 

arctic zone eco blend 45Our Rating:

 2 star

There are a lot of issues with this product, ranging from the extremely short cooling life, leak issues, plain looks, and a price that is much too high for what you are getting.  Obviously, the portability and simplicity of a tote is tough to beat, but we just don’t see it being worth the price or other issues that are associated with this product.

Pros: Plenty of storage room, easy carrying with straps

Cons: Very poor insulation ability, easily leaks, very plain appearance

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Coleman Stainless Steel

coleman stainless steelOur Rating:

 2 star

An attractive product that is trying to emulate the popular and proven conventional Coleman stainless steel cooler.  However, it falls short in several areas, most importantly its ability to keep ice from melting.  The look and feel is there but for the asking price we just aren’t sure this is the best way to go.

Pros: Very attractive look, tougher than plastic

Cons: Struggles with insulation, sketchy latch, heavy, expensive

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Dalix Cooler Bag

dalix cooler bagOur Rating:

 2 star

Unfortunately, this product has several issues, the biggest of which are based around the subpar ice life and the shoddy construction.  The price, while somewhat affordable, is still too much for what you are getting with this item.

Pros: Multiple carrying options, additional front storage pockets, decent price

Cons: Cooling ability could be better, strap is very weak, only two color choices

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