Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
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Arctic Zone Titan 16 Cooler

16 cans (approx. 19 quarts) size

Plastic, fabrics, and metal composition


Pros: Very convenient lid, Smartshelf technology is a nice touch, looks awesome
Cons: Struggles with cooling life

DeepFreeze high performance insulation, HardBody liner with SmartShelf technology, leak-proof lining, padded shoulder strap, easy-access zipperless lid, external zippered access pocket
Arctic Zone Titan 16 Cooler Review

Arctic Zone Titan 16 Cooler Review

Updated by Brandon F. on June 16, 2019

The Arctic Zone Titan 16 cooler is a unique offering from Arctic Zone in that it offers the convenience of portability of a conventional personal to small-size cooler but without the inclusion of a zipper.  Instead, it uses a patented flip-open zipperless lid that allows for quick and easy access to the contents.  In addition, it comes with Deepfreeze high-performance insulation which results in advertised cooling performance of up to 2 days. 

The liner used is leak-proof which means that it is a good solution for both land as well as water fun.  It is transported via the padded shoulder strap and includes two different front zipper pockets, side mesh pockets, and even has Smartshelf technology internally.  IT comes in a few different intense color schemes, is made of plastic, fabrics, and metal, and can store up to 16 cans (or around 19 quarts total).  Also, please note that this product may also go by the name “Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze”.

Insulation ability –  1.5 star

Despite its 2 day claims, the cooler will struggle to achieve that.  While the walls are relatively thick with insulation, the zipperless lid simply allows too much cold air out.  Because of this, plan to only get 12 to 24 hours of cooling performance before you will need to swap out ice packs or add additional ice.  This still makes it plenty acceptable for an afternoon outing or picnic.  But for anything longer than a day trip, you might have to go with something more capable when it comes to ice retention.

Mobility and durability –  4 star

The cooler is small enough to easily be able to be transported via the padded shoulder strap, even when full.  There are plenty of spots to store non-perishable items on the outside which are also easy to access which is a plus.  And, despite the subpar cooling capabilities, we do find the quick open lid extremely convenient. 

The Smartshelf technology is a nice touch as well, helping to split apart the hard objects from the softer ones so that they don’t get smashed.  The liner used is quite tough and should resist tearing and the straps are sewed on well enough that failure there isn’t a major concern.

Visual Appeal –  5 star

We think this cooler looks awesome.  It has a very modern look to it and the bright color-contrasting schemes really make it stick out.  The shoulder pad on the strap gives it a premium look and with the color scheme coupled with the various zippers and mesh pockets, there is a lot going on in the looks department here.  There are also a few different color choices for an added spice of variety.

Cost –  2.5 star

This product will typically fall in the intermediate price tier.  We aren’t in love with this asking price due to the somewhat lacking ice life but it isn’t an absolute dealbreaker.

Overall Rating –  3.5 star

Even though we are a little underwhelmed by the cooling ability of this product, we still really like everything else it has to offer.  The mobility and design features are handy and effective, and we love the styling of it.  If you are needing a short-term cooling solution this product will be more than acceptable.

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