Coolers by Manufacturer

Updated by Brandon F. on June 16, 2019

This is a listing of all the reviews we have performed on coolers by the manufacturer.  It can be easy to become a little overwhelmed when trying to digest all of the brands on the market.  There are a wide variety of companies that produce coolers, and each brand has its own unique pros and cons.  

While it can be a bit laborious reading up on all of them, having so many options is a good thing because it most likely means that there is a product out there that fits our exact wants and needs.  For example, some companies specialize in smaller, soft-sided solutions while others may be better at premium plastic coolers that are intended to keep ice for several days.  Some companies put price point is their top priority, trying to make a serviceable cooler that can fit any budget while others will focus on maximizing performance, resulting in expensive prices.

To simplify matters, we have included links to all of the manufacturers that we have reviewed.  You’ll notice common themes within a given brand, and this could assist you in quickly determining whether your cooling solution might be made by that particular company or if you should keep searching.

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