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This is a listing of all Picnic at Ascot Coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Picnic at Ascot Coolers with our internal ranking system. Picnic at Ascot is a unique company in that they almost completely focus on products designed for picnics and small outdoor gatherings.  They place a heavy emphasis on designs and colors, of which they have a vast collection, instead of maximizing cooling performance.  

Due to their heavy emphasis on aesthetics and being convenient for picnics, their products offer some unique characteristics that you might not find in a lot of other brands.  If you are on the market for a new, simple picnic carrier then definitely check out some of our reviews and see if any of them match your wants and needs.

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 Picnic at Ascot Collapsible BasketPicnic at Ascot Cooler TotePicnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack
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Our Rating3 star3 star2.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$$$$$
Ice Life4-6 hours3-4 hours4-5 hours
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A Unique Approach to coolers

Picnic at Ascot is a rather unique company in that it focuses exclusively on fashionable picnic accessories.  This is a lot different than most of the cooler companies we review, and it comes with some very unique pros and cons.  Many of their manufacturing and design choices will be based on aesthetics and convenience rather than maximizing cooling life or increasing toughness. 

That isn’t to say that their products won’t hold up to regular use, however.  However, we feel that Picnic at Ascot tries to inject style points into their performance metrics.  Their top priority isn’t necessarily making a cooler that can hang with Yeti.  Instead, they are after something that will look great while you can use it.

Great Mobility

One of Picnic at Ascot’s strong points is how mobile all of their products are.  They typically are relatively lightweight and are designed in a way to make them easy to transport and carry.  This makes sense as picnics involve moving, setting up, and tearing down the picnic items so having something difficult to transport would complicate matters. 

There are also typically several carrying methods which means that they are easy to carry whether you have a hand available or not.  This is accomplished by oftentimes implementing both a carrying handle as well as a shoulder strap.

Attractive Looks

picnic at ascot cooler styling

The strong point (and what it seems Picnic at Ascot prioritizes) is the aesthetics of their products.  They come in a huge range of patterns and colors and are designed in very attractive ways.  The zippers and pockets that they do have are incorporated in very pleasing methods to keep with the flow of the product and for a given type of bag or cooler, there may be a dozen or more incredibly unique patterns to choose from. 

This means that it is very easy to find a Picnic at Ascot cooler that will make you stand out from the crowd.  We enjoy how well-packaged their products are and Picnic at Ascot’s ability to fit a lot of items into a product without making it look forced or cluttered.  This is especially true in their “all-in-one” picnic packages that include everything you would need for an average picnic (minus the consumables, of course).

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Basket, Picnic at Ascot Cooler Tote, Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack, Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Rolling Cooler

Range of storage sizes: 10 to 31 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 12 hours

Materials used: Plastic, metal, fabric, and rubber

Price range: Budget to Premium

Wheeled options? Yes

Company Website:

Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Basket

picnic at ascot collapsible basket cooler reviewOur Rating:

 3 star

We think that this product looks lovely and will serve its function for a short picnic.  It will keep items cool for a few hours and there are tons of room for your various picnic supplies. However, it isn’t capable of much more than that and it will cost you more than you would expect.

Pros: Works well enough for a picnic, should be plenty of storage space, quite light and mobile, unique look

Cons: Expensive for the size, not good for an all-day affair

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Picnic at Ascot Cooler Tote

picnic at ascot cooler tote reviewOur Rating:

 3 star

This is a rather large tote and, as such, can store a lot of items.  The build quality is also pretty good.  Combine that with the many color options and you have a stylish and functional product.  But there is essentially no insulation so don’t expect it to keep items cool for very long.  There is also little in the way of additional features.

Pros: Plenty of storage space, decent build quality, many color and pattern choices, affordable

Cons: Very little insulation, not a lot of external features, can be a bit bulky to carry

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Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack

  picnic at ascot cooler backpack reviewOur Rating:

 2.5 star

If you are simply looking for a backpack to keep our items cool for a few hours this will work, but it doesn’t do anything incredibly well.  Cooling ability is average at best and the straps are notoriously weak.  There is quite a bit of carrying space considering the size, however.

Pros: Extremely mobile, plenty of pockets for storage, nice design

Cons: Struggles some with keeping items cool, weak straps

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Picnic at Ascot Collapsible Rolling

  picnic at ascot collapsible rolling cooler reviewOur Rating:

 2 star

Unfortunately, this cooler struggles in too many areas to warrant a recommendation by us.  The wheels, which are supposed to be one of the main selling points, struggle to be viable and the fact that the build quality is lacking is too glaring of issues, and the average-at-best cooling ability doesn’t get us excited.

Pros: One of the few soft-sided coolers on the  market with wheels, lightweight, a nice amount of storage volume

Cons: Very little insulation, poor build quality, only one color option, pretty expensive

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