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This is a listing of all Mammoth Coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Mammoth Coolers with our internal ranking system. Mammoth is a lesser-known ice chest company but their products are of extremely high quality and made from respected materials.  They are intended to last for long periods of time and also keep items cool for multiple days.  They primarily focus on larger sizes, so if you are looking for a small personal cooler you might want to shop elsewhere.  However, if you are in the market for something large enough to suit a large friend or family gathering then we recommend checking them out and seeing how they compare to the other premium lines on the market.  Also, if you are interested in checking out some of Mammoth’s target competitors then head on over to our reviews of Engel Coolers, Grizzly Coolers, K2 Coolers, Pelican Coolers, and Yeti Coolers.

Our Top Rated Mammoth Coolers

 Mammoth Discovery
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Our Rating2.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$
Ice Life4-5 days
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Impressive Ice Life

Mammoth Coolers come with a very long ice life and can compete with anybody in the business when it comes to it.  While they don’t specify exact ice times on their website for individual coolers, we have experienced and read reviews of up to 10 days on their larger sizes, with personal experience of around 5 days.  So what is their secret formula to their impressive ability to retain ice?

Roto Molded Construction

Like many premium coolers, Mammoth products are manufactured using rotational molding.  This manufacturing process results in a single piece shell as opposed to multiple pieces that then have to be attached together.  While this may not seem like a big deal, it really is!  This helps to reduce stress risers (discussed later) and also helps to ensure a consistent thickness across the entire cooler, which means that there are no “shortcuts” for cold air to escape.  A cooler’s ice retaining ability is only as good as its thinnest section.

Extra Thick Insulation

mammoth cooler thick insulation

Mammoth uses high-quality insulation that is laid on extra thick (2″) on all parts of the cooler shell, including the lid.  At 2 inches, it is among some of the thickest layers in the industry.  This thick insulation does a great job of keeping cold air in and warm air out for extended periods of time while still allowing the cooler to be much more lightweight than if they used solid plastic, metal, or some other more dense type of material.  The insulation also helps to bring the temperature back down to adequate levels if and when they cooler lid is opened to access items inside.  Because what good is a cooler if you can never open it?

Reliable Gasket

All Mammoth Coolers come with an extra thick gasket that is embedded into a molded groove on the lid.  This allows for some great squeeze and a consistent seal all the way across the lid.  A leaky gasket can significantly affect your ice life so this is a very important feature.  Also, smaller gaskets can be weaker and more prone to getting tears across them which allows for leaks paths for cold air to escape.  You don’t have to worry about that here.

Oversized Latches

The latches on these products have a good bite, meaning that when it is shut it is putting a lot force down.  This is very helpful for ensuring a tight seal between the lid and the body, and it really lets the gasket work its magic.  Despite that, the latches are easy to open and close.  Even your kids can easily open and close these latches.

Tough as a Mammoth

With a name like Mammoth, you would expect a product that is tough and reliable.  Mammoth does not disappoint with a host of various manufacturing and design features to make them comfortable standing behind their lifetime warranty.

Single-Piece Design

As mentioned above, all Mammoth Coolers take advantage of roto-molded construction.  This not only helps with ice retention but also makes for an overall tougher cooler.  Whenever a cooler is made of individual pieces, the pieces have to be attached in some way (typically by heating the ends and sometimes even using adhesives!).  This results in a weak point where the two pieces were attached and these attachment points are susceptible to cracks and breaking much easier than a solid, single-piece design.  With roto-molded ice chests, you don’t have to worry about ruining the cooler if you accidentally drop it or scrap it against a hard surface.

Heavy Duty Hinge System

Mammoth Coolers implement a single hinge made of tough stainless steel and that is embedded into a molded-in groove on the cooler.  This is a much tougher design than using multiple smaller hinges and it also better protects the hinge system.  Since when a hinge goes a cooler’s performance can be drastically altered, it is important to not take shortcuts on hinge design for a cooler that you want to last a lifetime.

Convenient Accessories

mammoth cooler features

Despite its tough appearance, Mammoth tries to make its products as user-friendly as possible.  Let’s face it: large coolers can be quite burdensome to move and operate, especially when they are full.  They try to take some of that frustration away with a series of helpful additions and convenient features.

No-Leak Drain System

Mammoth has implemented a helpful side-drain system that has extra fast draining capabilities, which minimizes how much time you have to spend trying to remove melted ice.  It is also water-tight so you don’t have to worry about getting water in places you don’t want to.  In addition, it is easy to open and close to make for a quick and easy draining process.

Easy Grip Handles

These products come with both molded grooves built into the cooler itself as well as flexible rope handles with rubber grips.  This flexibility makes it a lot easier for a single person to carry a cooler and it is also more comfortable in general for multiple people carrying it.  The rubber helps to avoid slippery situations that are common when trying to grab onto the plastic portion of the cooler itself.

Non-Skid Base

There is a specialized texture on the surface of Mammoth Coolers that helps to stop them from sliding around in your trunk bed and when you are trying to open them.  This also helps to avoid scratching surfaces that the cooler sits on.  A full cooler can be quite heavy and those rough surfaces could do a number on a polished or painted surface.  With the help of this specialized base, that issue is taken care of.

Well-placed Security Points

There are two separate areas that you can either secure your cooler with rope or twine and/or attach a padlock to keep the inside contents secure.  This is very helpful if you plan on leaving your cooler in a public place and you have valuable items inside.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Mammoth Discovery Cooler

Range of storage sizes: 23 to 165 Quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 10 days

Materials used: Various plastics, metal

Price range: Premium

Wheeled options? No

Company Website:

Mammoth Discovery

mammoth discovery cooler reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

We would be silly to say that a cooler that keeps ice for 5 days is bad, but for the competition that this product is targeted to compete with it just falls a bit short.  The construction is fine and it will last for many seasons, but there just aren’t very many features and the aesthetics are a bit lacking as well.  While it isn’t quite as expensive as some of the other top lines, the performance difference is too large to compensate for the cheaper prices.

Pros: Decent cooling performance, very well-built cooler with premium metal hardware

ConsVery heavy, not very exciting visually, super expensive

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