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Last Updated by Brandon F. on October 20, 2022

Canyon Coolers are another one of the relative newcomers to the premium cooler market.  Created in 2010 as a rebranded company, it was started by a couple of local rafting enthusiasts out of Flagstaff, Arizona who wanted to make a product that could handle the harshest conditions: Such as what you would find while rafting in the Grand Canyon.

This played a part in the inspiration for their name: Canyon Coolers.

Canyon Coolers

 Canyon Adventure SeriesCanyon Outfitter Series
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Ice Life40-360 hours36-300 hours
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Canyon Coolers currently sells two different series of coolers that they dub the Adventure Series and the Outfitter Series.  We will break down the specifics of each below.

canyon cooler adventure and outfitter series

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Canyon Adventure Series Coolers

The Canyon Adventure Series is Canyon’s premier product line of coolers.  These products are made with the thickest of insulation, loaded with extra features, and engineered to handle the toughest environments you can throw at them.  This is important because you will want to take these coolers with you everywhere when you are enjoying the great outdoors.

The Adventure Series comes in four different sizes: 22-quart, 30-quart, 103-quart, and 222-quart.  Compared to other premium brands on the market, this size range hits most of the target audience: those after a small/portable ice chest, people who want a medium to a large cooler that can fit most requirements for a long weekend or family gathering, and a huge cooler for people who plan on being in the Great Outdoors for an extended period and need something that is designed to last.

canyon adventure series cooler lineup

Canyon Adventure Series Cooler Features

While many other brands use a similar design approach for all of their sizes, Canyon Coolers approached designing each of their Adventure Series cooler sizes on a more individual level.

Their smallest example, the Scout 22-Quart, has a bit thinner insulation wall but still takes advantage of Roto-molded construction that has become the gold standard for any company hoping to compete in the premium cooler market.  It has HUNTX foam insulation which insulates cold much better than your typical cooler insulation.  Having good insulation is always important, even on a smaller cooler.

Canyon Cooler Review

For added toughness and convenience, it has multiple built-in tie-down points, recently redesigned cam latches, and a food-grade AirTight seal that helps to keep items cool and protected from outside elements.  For carrying, there is an attached Nylon strap and you can also carry the cooler with built-in lips.  Ice retention is typically between 40 to 50 hours in our experience.

Next up are the Mule 30-Quart and the Prospector 103-Quart coolers.  While these are quite different in their storage size, their design approach is very similar so it makes sense to group them during the discussion.  The first notable visual difference (other than the size, of course!) is that the Mule 30 comes with a set of embedded wheels.

Canyon Cooler Review

These tough wheels are capable of going over dirt, sand, snow, and most other terrains you could throw at them.  Instead of a Nylon carrying strap, the Mule 30 comes with an extendable handle that allows you to tote it around like you do a suitcase at the airport.  The Prospector 103 utilizes rope handles as well as the option to carry the cooler by the built-in Roto-molded lips.

Both the Mule 30 and the Prospector 103 take advantage of an impressive 2.7” thick average HUNTX foam insulation.  This is among the thickest walls we have come across in any cooler and plays a huge role in Canyon Cooler’s impressive ice retention.

canyon cooler insulation

The food-grade gasket is always present here as well as extra tough oversized latches (two on the Mule 30 and three on the Prospect 103) that give a good bite and help to maximize ice life.  Speaking of ice retention, we can say that the Mule 30’s ice should last around 100 hours and the Prospector 103 can experience ice life between 160 and 240 hours in normal conditions.

Canyon states that longer ice life is possible but, in our experience with normal use and opening the coolers to access content, actual ice life is a bit lower.  For toughness and usability, multiple built-in tie-down points, no-lose drain plugs, redesigned cam-latches, non-skid feet, and elevated clearance are all standard features in both sizes.

The largest size in the Adventure Series is the huge 222-Quart Long Cooler.  Canyon Coolers states that this cooler is designed for professionals who are working in extreme and demanding environments and are after a simple, effective ice chest that can store a lot of items and keep them cold for long periods while being reasonably priced.  Those all sound good to us!

Some features are unique to this size which sets it apart from the smaller sizes.  The handles are much larger and appear to be made of a rubber-like material as opposed to traditional nylon as we are used to seeing.  In addition, it comes with internal dividers, integrated marine-grade hinges, EZCAM latches, and two drain plugs.

To help assist with ice life, it also includes an impressive 4 latches which ensure a nice bite and squeeze on the extra thick AirTight seal.  The insulation is a bit thinner overall in regards to average than the Mule 30 and Prospector 103 but still comes in at an impressive 1.75” – 2.2” thick. 

Canyon also opted for Huntsman High-Density PU Foam instead of HUNTX insulation.  All of this equates to a phenomenal ice life.  During normal use, you can expect 240 to 360 hours of ice life!  This is among the largest in the industry.

Canyon Adventure Series Cooler Ice Life

canyon adventure cooler ice life

Canyon Outfitter Series Coolers

The Canyon Outfitter Series is Canyon’s “entry-level” product line.  However, don’t confuse these with the lower-tier coolers from most other brands.  These ice chests are still extremely tough and assembled using the highest quality of materials as well as optimized construction. 

While they have a bit thinner walls, the ice life is still great and more than enough for most applications.  And the small sacrifices you make in ice life and features result in noticeable savings on the asking price.

The Canyon Outfitter Series has a few more size options than the Adventure Series.  You can choose from 22-quart, 35-quart, 55-quart, 75-quart, and 125-quart models.  This is a nice selection of various sizes that should fit most people’s target range.  While they don’t have any super huge 200+ quart models in the Outfitter Series, they do give a few more options in the medium to large sizes which are something missing from the Adventure lineup.

canyon outfitter series cooler lineup

Canyon Outfitter Series Cooler Features

The design approach in all of the available Canyon Outfitter Series Cooler sizes is more or less the same (other than minor differences, which we will go over) so we will group them up for convenience.

All 5 sizes take advantage of a host of features including EZCAM latches, skid plates, no-lose drain plugs, and extra tough handles (rope handles in the 35, 55, 75, and 125-quart models and a large nylon strap in the 22-quart model).  Anywhere from 0 to 3 optional baskets can also be installed (depending on the size) by purchasing Canyon’s basket accessory.

Canyon Cooler Review

As for ice retention, AirTight seals are present on all model sizes.  To help maximize the squeeze of these large seals, 2 EZCAM latches are included on the 22, 35, and 55-quart models and 3 EZCAM latches are on the 75 and 125-quart models. 

The insulation walls are quite thick and above the industry average.  All ice chests take advantage of quality HUNTX foam which has been proven to be a quite heat insulator.  You can look forward to approximately 2.1” on the front wall, 1.75” on the back wall, between 1.8” and 2.75” on the side walls, 2.25” on the lid, and between 1.5” and 2” on the floor.

What does this mean regarding specific ice life?  It varies quite a bit from size to size.  As you have seen if you have browsed a few of our many cooler reviews here at TheCoolerZone, there is a direct and significant correlation between ice chest size and ice life. 

Also, as with the Canyon Adventure Series Coolers (and most other cooler brands) advertised ice life tends to be a bit higher than actual ice life.  We assume that the cooler manufacturers get their data from “perfect” scenarios in which the cooler is never opened, left out in high temperatures, etc.  Rarely is this the case in real life.

These are rough approximations as to what kind of ice life you may see.  We base these on personal experiences and our typical usage levels.  It is important to remember that your results may vary due to a host of factors, but this is a good starting point:

Canyon Outfitter Series Cooler Ice Life

canyon outfitter cooler ice life

Outfitter 22-Quart: 36 to 48 hours

Outfitter 35-Quart: 100 to 140 hours

Outfitter 55-Quart: 120 to 180 hours

Outfitter 75-Quart: 140 to 220 hours

Outfitter 125-Quart: 200 to 300 hours

Below we show all of the Canyon Coolers combined with their respective approximate ice life according to our test and experience.

all canyon cooler ice life


The Canyon Cooler Warranty

One huge positive of Canyon Coolers that is worth mentioning is their warranty.  They offer a limited LIFETIME warranty on their coolers.  This is somewhat unheard of by a vast majority of cooler manufacturers and a huge incentive to try out a Canyon Cooler.

Canyon Cooler Prices

A common theme when it comes to talking about premium coolers is the price. We aren’t going to lie: premium-level coolers aren’t cheap!  Some might scoff at the sticker for a Yeti, Engel, Canyon, Bison, or many of the other high-quality coolers on the market but the performance and toughness of these coolers compared to cheaper models is simply incomparable.

Compared to most of the other premium cooler brands, Canyon Coolers are as cheap if not cheaper when comparing quarts/$ (which is our typical metric on this site).  This is great for those on a tight budget and only looking to spend as much as they have to to get a great-performing cooler.

Canyon Coolers vs. Yeti Coolers

How do Canyon Coolers compare to the juggernaut that is Yeti?  And which is right for you?

Both companies offer up some fantastic coolers that will last for many years (if not decades!) without breaking down.  Also, both promise ice life that ranges into the days and, in optimal conditions (can approach a week or more).

But there are some notable differences between each that might help you to decide.

Despite Yeti’s impressive showing, Canyon Coolers seem to outperform them across the board when it comes to ice retention.  Whether having that extra 7th day of ice compared to “just” having 6 days is important to you will vary from person to person, but the performance is there.  Also, the build quality is just as good as Yeti. 

Very similar design approaches and materials are used.  And all this can be yours at a lower cost.  However, you are limited in your size options and the styling and customization options could use a slight boost (if those are important to you).

Yeti can still hold its own among just about any other premium cooler brand, but in terms of raw ice life, they are a bit lower.  But other than that, they are every bit as tough and resilient as Canyon.  You will also enjoy tons of different sizes and endless customization options.  And of course, if you buy a Yeti Cooler, you will get to enjoy the Yeti name and everything that goes along with it.

In summary, if you are strictly worried about maximum ice life then go with a Canyon Cooler.  Also, if you are trying to save a bit of money, Canyon Cooler is your answer.  But if you want more freedom in the specific size and design of your cooler and you enjoy the “wow” factor of owning a Yeti product, then Yeti Coolers are the way to go.

Canyon Adventure Series Cooler Review

canyon adventure series review

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The shining beacon of the Canyon Cooler lineup, the Canyon Cooler Adventure Series promises exceptional ice life in a tough package that is suited for any environment you can throw at it.  These ice chests have plenty of great features for convenience and usability and a lifetime warranty to back them up.  They are available in 22, 30, 103, and 222-quart models and are made primarily of Roto-molded plastic.

Insulation Ability – 5 star

Canyon Cooler Review

It doesn’t get much better than this.  Industry-leading wall thickness coupled with quality HUNTX insulation means serious ice retention.  The thick 2.7” maximum walls are held together thanks to industry-proven Rotomolded construction and oversized hinges and a thick, AirTight gasket ensures a nice seal between the lid and base.  Depending on the size you go with, you can expect an ice life of 40 hours up to an incredible 360 hours.  This puts Canyon Adventure Series coolers towards the top of the industry when it comes to ice life.

Mobility and Durability – 5 star

The thick walls mentioned above also play a huge role in the toughness of a cooler so Canyon Adventure Series ice chests shine here as well.  In addition, the thick walls are surprisingly lighter than you might expect, making them much easier to carry around.  As for handling, there is a snug nylon strap in the smaller size and traditional rope handles on the sides in the larger sizes.  You can always grab the cooler by the lip as well, if necessary.  There is even a wheeled configuration in the Mule 30.

Visual Appeal – 3.5 star

These coolers take a fairly straightforward approach to their design and it is obvious that Canyon was more concerned with functionality than looks.  Some of the aesthetic features and grooves you see in other ice-chest brands aren’t present here.  In addition, you only have two color choices to pick from: Sandstone and White Marble.  Also, a lot of the customization choices such as team logos, custom images, etc. aren’t available with Canyon Coolers.  This may be something they add in the future or perhaps that just isn’t something that they are concerned about.

Cost  – 3.5 star

While premium coolers are never cheap and using TheCoolerZone’s standard $/quart formula puts these well into the premium price tier, they are noticeably cheaper than some of the other mainstream premium cooler brands.  Given their great ice life and the fact that they have plenty of the features we look for, they are still a good buy for those willing to spend a good chunk of money on something that will last.  And the fact that they have a lifetime warranty provides even more justification.

Overall Rating – 4.5 star

Canyon Adventure Series Coolers have impressed us with everything that they have to offer.  From their ice life that trumps just about everything else out there to their lifetime warranty to their competitive prices, these coolers excel in just about every category.  There are enough size choices available to meet most people’s needs, even those after enormous coolers.  Our only minor complaint is the lack of color choices but that is by no means a deal-breaker.  These get a huge recommendation by us.

Canyon Outfitter Series Cooler Review

canyon outfitter series cooler review

Check Out Canyon Outfitter Coolers on Amazon

The Canyon Outfitter Series is more or less the “little brother” of the Adventure Series but still is quite impressive in its own right.  They offer up many of the same features and still promise more than acceptable ice life.  In addition, more size choices open up which is very beneficial for those after a medium or large-sized cooler.  And the slight drop in ice life comes with a noticeable drop in the asking price.  These are available in 22, 35, 55, 75, and 125-quart options and are made primarily of Rotomolded plastic.

Insulation Ability – 4.5 star

Nearly all of the great features that the Adventure Series are present here as well: thick, quality HUNTX installation, beefy rubber gaskets, and industrial clamps (either 2 or 3 depending on size) all combine for very good ice life.  The notable difference between the Outfitter Series and the Adventure Series lies in the thickness of the cooler walls.  The average thickness here will be a fraction of an inch thinner which likely attributes to the bit lower ice life.  However, you can still expect anywhere from 36 to 300 hours of ice life which is more than enough for nearly everybody (and remember: ice life typically correlates to cooler size so if you want longer ice life you may need to go with a larger cooler).

Mobility and Durability – 4.5 star

Canyon Cooler Review

Premium hardware and quality handles are also present here.  The smallest size, the Outfitter 22, comes with Nylon handles instead of typical rope handles and there is no wheeled option in any size but other than that you should enjoy similar mobility and durability across all Canyon coolers.  A larger cooler will weigh more and require more effort to move (particularly if full!) but overall you can expect an average to below-average cooler weight compared to similar coolers on the market.  The somewhat thinner insulation walls should theoretically make these less tough than the Adventure series but for all intents and purposes, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Visual Appeal – 3.5 star

As mentioned above, the styling cues here are somewhat subdued and there aren’t a lot of aesthetic features to get excited about.  The same color choices (Sandstone and White Marble) are here and no customization tab allows for custom graphics.  Not a huge deal but still worth mentioning.

Cost – 4 star

By sacrificing a little ice life and wall thickness, Canyon was able to drop the asking prices down a noticeable amount.  The Canyon Outfitter Series coolers still fall into the premium price range but are noticeably more affordable when comparing $/quart than several other premium cooler brands on the market.  Also, it is worth mentioning that you still get to enjoy the LIFETIME limited warranty which is a huge bonus.

Overall Rating – 4 star

The Canyon Outfitter Series coolers sacrifice a little bit of wall thickness in exchange for lower asking prices.  These are still fantastic coolers that have all the features you need and plenty of adequate ice life.  There are also some more mid to large cooler choices for people that are in the market for those.  A great choice for those looking to save a little extra money and don’t need the added performance gains.

Canyon Cooler Review
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