Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Driftsun Cooler

25, 40, 60, and 85 quart sizes

Plastic and rubber composition

Intermediate to Premium-priced

Pros: Premium features for a more affordable price, decent size range
Cons: Quality issues, lid doesn’t hold a great seal, inconsistent insulation walls

Driftsun Cooler Review

This is our Driftsun Cooler Review.  The Driftsun cooler attempts to do something very challenging by trying to compete with the traditional heavy-hitters on the premium cooler world but at a fraction of the price.  Specifically, they try to copy most of the standard production methods and features while finding ways to be cost-effective.  Many of the specifications you expect to see are there including thick insulated walls, premium gaskets, and roto-molded construction.  These products are available in white and tan, come in 25, 40, 60, and 85-quart sizes, and are primarily made of plastic and rubber.

Insulation ability – 3.5 star

While these coolers have all of the features we would expect in a cooler with long-lasting ice life (thick insulated walls, roto-molded construction, premium gasket, etc.) the performance just isn’t quite as good as many of the other brands on the market.  This is primarily due to some shortcuts in build quality such as uneven lids and walls that are not consistent which allows for increased heat transfer from the inside to the outside.  That being said, ice life isn’t bad with these products.  Depending on size, you can enjoy up to around 5 days of ice life in optimal settings which is still plenty for most people.

Mobility and durability – 3 star

As mentioned above, all the great features we like to see are there but there are simply a few too many quality control issues to ignore.  We have seen reports of lids not closing correctly and the roto-molding not being as high of quality as we would like to see.  Don’t get us wrong: these ice chests should be perfectly capable when it comes to sitting on a table or on the back of a truck.  However, if you plan on throwing them around or putting them through the trials of being in the great outdoors you might find that they don’t last quite as long as you would have hoped for.  It is worth noting that Driftsun has recently gone through a facelift and their new products will hopefully be more dependable.  They also have some great new features including a pressure release valve on the face.

Visual Appeal – 2 star

Styling is very subtle with these products.  They don’t have much in the way of aesthetic features other than the subtle curves on the walls.  The handles are also a bit less menacing than we like to see and do stand out some when directly compared to other premium models.  They come in two colors: white and tan.  In the future, we wouldn’t mind seeing the color choices expanded some.

Cost – 4 star

These coolers are situated to be in the intermediate to premium price tier.  This actually isn’t bad at all considering the features that you get.  However, there are several coolers that are extremely similar that are cheaper and don’t have the reputation for questionable quality.

Overall Rating – 3 star

We really like the refreshing approach that Driftsun has taken in attempting to compete with the big boys but at a fraction of the price.  They really do have all of the necessary components and are approaching the right path in regards to construction.  However, there are still some quality issues to sort out that are really holding them back.  Perhaps this is what we will have to deal with to enjoy the cheaper asking prices on these.  That being said, there have been some redesigns so we will check the new and hopefully improved Driftsun cooler out in the future.

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