Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Igloo Backpack Cooler

18 cans (around 9 quarts) size

Nylon, plastic, and metal composition


Pros: Very mobile, very attractive styling
Cons: May struggle with enough storage space, can be difficult to access items, weak strap, expensive for size

Side mesh pocket, front zipper compartment, adjustable padded straps


Igloo Backpack Cooler Review

This is our Igloo Backpack Cooler Review.  The Igloo Backpack Cooler has two versions: the regular and the MaxCold, and has recently been updated, with the result being 25% more insulation, new features such as EVA-molded top zipper compartment and expandable front drop pocket, and also has additional side mesh pocket and antimicrobial liner.  It comes in a variety of colors including the popular camo style.  It is made of a combination of nylon, plastic, and some metal hardware and can carry up to 18 cans, or around 9 quarts.

Insulation ability – 2.5 star

The insulation ability of this backpack is decent for a softop, but will obviously not compare to most conventional coolers or even other duffels.  There are a lot of areas for cold air to escape and the product doesn’t do a particularly good job of sealing it in.  It is strong enough to keep your food and drinks cold for a few hours but not beyond that.  We can’t be too harsh, seeing how this is just a backpack and isn’t designed to handle ice as long as a plastic cooler but it is still worth mentioning.

Mobility and durability – 2 star

Being a backpack, it is extremely mobile.  It is much easier to throw this over your shoulder than it is to carry a conventional cooler or duffel since your hands are free.  There are several available side pockets but honestly, most are pretty useless for anything larger than a couple of pens, especially when the backpack is pretty full since it stretches them out pretty tight.  In addition, the opening at the top is smaller than at the bottom so larger items have to be turned on their side to fit.   In terms of durability, it struggles in several areas.  Both the handle straps and back straps are somewhat weak (although the padding is nice) and tend to start to fall apart after a few months.  They apparently struggle with the added weight of a full bag.  Furthermore, the zippers can fail prematurely.

Visual Appeal – 3.5 star

The design (both camouflage and conventional) look pretty nice.  There is nice color coordination and the shape of the backpack is designed so that it doesn’t even appear to be a cooler unless extremely full.

Cost – 1.5 star

Prices online for this backpack are well into the premium price tier when measured by volume quantity.  While not overall an expensive item, going by our “price per volume” approach, it bumps this backpack cooler into the premium price tier.

Overall Rating – 2 star

The Igloo Backpack Cooler Review receives 2 out of 5 coolers.  There are some major struggles such as low cooling time and poor construction, but the sheer mobility and convenience factor of being a backpack are the main selling points here.  As long as you don’t overload it and don’t be too rough on the straps or zippers it should suffice as a lunch backpack for a while but don’t expect much beyond that as there is very little carrying room, especially for the price.  We feel that if you are set on a more mobile soft-sided cooler that you go with one of the many premium soft-sided coolers on the market that have much better ice life and durability.

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