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This is a listing of all K2 Coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best K2 Coolers with our internal ranking system. K2 is a smaller cooler company, with their main (and only) product line being the “Summit” series.  While that might sound like you are limited in choices, there is a wide range of sizes to choose from.  Their products are targeted at the higher-end market.  Specifically, for those looking for a tough, long-lasting ice chest that can handle the rigors of outdoor use.  While they might not be as popular as the other big guys such as Yeti and Igloo, we really like what they are doing with their design and implementation and encourage you to check them out.  If you are in the market for a long-lasting premium ice chest we also encourage you to check out our reviews of Engel Coolers, Grizzly Coolers, Mammoth Coolers, Pelican Coolers, and Yeti Coolers.

Our Top Rated K2 Coolers

 K2 Summit
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Our Rating4.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$
Ice Life6-8 days
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Great Selection of Sizes

For having a single product, there is a surprisingly great selection of sizes available.  K2 offers sizes from their Summit 20 all the way up to their Summit 120.  This gives a range of 14 to 86 can capacity.  In other words, no matter what your application is, they likely have a size that will work for you.  We particularly are glad that they decided to also focus on much smaller sizes.  This area is something that is somewhat lacking from other premium cooler companies.

Built to Last

K2 Coolers are built to compete with the toughest coolers on the market. This means creating a product that can hold up in the most extreme conditions for long periods of time.  It means not only being able to keep your product in one piece and operational but also being able to both protect as well as insulate the chilled items inside.  This can be a challenging goal, so how do they go about doing it?

Rotational Molded Construction

All K2 coolers are constructed using a rotational molded process.  This high-temperature, low-pressure application results in a single piece of polyurethane.  Much of the competition will use multiple pieces of plastic and combine them together.  While this saves both time and money, the result is a much weaker shell that is not only prone to breaking through stress risers but also typically won’t keep ice as long.  By using a roto-molded process, K2 coolers have no weak points and the load can be evenly distributed across all areas of the cooler, making for a longer-lasting and tougher product.  In addition, it gives more flexibility in construction designs and features since they are more easily incorporated into the body of the cooler itself.

Combination of Thick Insulation and Plastic Shell

k2 wall thickness A unique design feature that K2 uses is to combine the benefits of both thick polyurethane with UV stabilized polyethylene.  More specifically, they use up to 3 inches of high-density polyurethane foam that doubles both as a support as well as an insulator.  On the inside and outside of this foam, they use a minimum of 1/8 inch thick polyethylene.  The polyethylene is used in many extreme applications such as kayaks, hockey rink walls, and protective shields.  Due to its much higher tensile strength, it can withstand hard impacts and punctures quite well. In all, combining these two components results in a wall thickness that can approach 3 1/2″, which is some of the thickest in the industry.  With this level of thickness, dropping the cooler or running it into something sharp like a rock or tree should not even phase it.  It also makes it capable of having things stacked on top of it without concern.

Endura™ Hinge System

All K2 coolers come equipped with the Endura™ Hinge System.  This system consists of an integrated hinge that runs the entire length of the cooler and is also molded directly into it.  It uses a thick metal rod that is securely fastened to allow for rotation.  This is a much beefier hinge system than most coolers on the market have, and it means that you shouldn’t have to worry about it failing over time.  This is reassuring as many times hinges can be a weak point on budget coolers since they are often made of plastic.  The constant moving of the hinge during opening and close can cause the plastic to warp, crack, and even eventually break!  With this beefier design it will hold up to years of opening and closing.

Extra Long Ice Life

K2 also proudly stands behind their ice retention abilities.  While they don’t like to specify exact ice times (since it does vary depending on a host of factors) they do believe that their product is capable of keeping up with the best on the market.  From personal experiences and research, we have seen 12 days of ice life possible in the optimal environments, which is in fact some of the longest on the market.  For typical use, however, we estimate closer to 6 yo 8 days.  There are a lot of things at work to get these kinds of numbers.

Up to 3″ of Insulation

As mentioned above, K2 injects up to 3″ of polyurethane foam into their coolers (they put 2 inches into their 20-quart product to keep it small).  This high level of insulation means that there is a huge barrier between the cold air inside the ice chest and the warm air outside.  And since it is constructed via rotational molding, you know that the walls are consistent in their thickness.  Some coolers might have thick side walls but a thin base or a thick lid but thinner side walls.  Remember: a cooler’s performance is only as good as its thinnest wall!


The ICEVAULT™ Gasket is the seal between the lid and the base and is one of the most important components on the cooler.  Not having a good seal across the gasket means that air can easily escape, which robs your cooler of ice performance.  K2 uses a thick, flexible rubber that is embedded into an optimized channel.  When closed, it provides a seal similar to your freezer or refrigerator at home.  In addition, due to its impressive size, a small cut or scrape on the gasket doesn’t typically allow for a leak path to form.

POSITRAC™ Rubber Latches

positrac seals k2 coolers K2’s POSITRAC™ Rubber Latches are guaranteed to create a tight and secure seal between the lid and the base of your cooler.  Weaker latches can sometimes not put enough force down, which makes it difficult for the gasket to get a proper seal.  These latches are optimally designed to use a lot of force to keep things tight and are also mounted on molded-in keepers that help to ensure an aligned closure every time.  In addition, they are designed to still be user-friendly and made so that anybody big or small should be able to easily open and close them.

Loaded with Convenient Accessories

It doesn’t stop at the toughness and cooling performance of a K2 Cooler.  These products also come with plenty of additional features and accessories to make them as user-friendly as possible.  Some of the larger premium coolers on the market can be quite heavy and bulky (especially when full!) so having some features in place to assist handling the cooler are definitely welcomed.

SUREgrip™ Rubber Feet with optional SMOOTHglide™ covers

The SUREgrip™ Rubber Feet are elevated rubber feet that are inserted at the base of the coolers.  This helps to avoid potential scratching and abrasions that can occur when trying to move a bulky cooler around.  The SMOOTHglide™ covers are optional accessories that can be screwed into the feet and allow the cooler to slide around easily on hard, smooth surfaces.  This can greatly assist moving what can otherwise be a pretty bulky ice chest.

TORRENT™ Drain Plug

k2 torrent drain plug

The TORRENT™ Drain Plug allows for quick and efficient drainage.  It can be fully removed and reinserted with just a partial turn, taking a lot of the annoyance out of trying to remove it.  It has a water-tight silicone gasket that also is great at keeping the cold air in and the warm air out.

EASYhaul™ Rope Handles

The EASYhaul™ Rope Handles are there to assist with carrying the cooler around.  Sometimes it can be hard (even for two people) to carry a full cooler around using the embedded plastic handles.  They can be hard to grip and also quite slippery.  These flexible handles take the worry out of that and also make it much easier for a single person to lift if you don’t have a partner to help.

HOLDtight™ Anchoring Points

Securing and protecting both your cooler and its contents is always a concern, particularly if you have a large cooler and are storing valuable items.  With the help of K2’s HOLDtight™ Anchoring Points this is no longer a problem.  These are conveniently located anchoring points that allow for both optimal mounting as well as provide padlock holes if you need to lock your cooler to keep the contents inside safe.

Additional Mobile Options

K2 cooler mobility

K2 offers additional methods to help in making their products more mobile.  There are heavy duty shoulder straps attached to the Summit 20 model as well as a wheeled configuration for their Summit 60 model.  This is actually a rather uncommon thing in premium coolers and one we definitely wished we saw more of.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: K2 Summit Cooler

Range of storage sizes: 20 to 120 Quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 12 days

Materials used: Various plastics, metals

Price range: Premium

Wheeled options? Yes

Company website:

K2 Summit

k2 summit cooler reviewOur Rating: 4.5 star

This is a fantastic line of coolers and has no real weak points.  With ice life of potentially a week or more, great construction, and a resilient look, anybody that is looking for a long-term cooler investment will be pleased. However, with this high-end offering you will expect to pay in the top price bracket for it but, in this case, we think it is absolutely worth it, especially considering that many of the comparable coolers on the market are more expensive.

Pros: Incredible ice life, wheeled option for mobility, very sturdy construction, great tough look

Cons: Quite expensive, very bulky

Read Our Review of K2 Summit Cooler

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