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This is a listing of all Yens coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Yens coolers with our internal ranking system. Yens specializes in lunch-friendly containers, that prioritize size and convenience over ice life and durability.  In addition, they tend to be on the cheaper side of things, making them great for someone who is on a budget.  While there are a limited variety of sizes and configurations, there are plenty of color and pattern options to choose from which adds some much-needed variety.  If you are looking for a simple lunch container then check these out!

Our Top Rated Yens Coolers

 Yens Fantasybag Lunch BagYens Fantasybag Cooler BagYens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack
yens fantasybag lunch bag thumbnailyens fantasybag cooler bag thumbnailyens fantasybag drawstring cooler backpack thumbnail
Our Rating3 star2.5 star2 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$
Ice Life3-4 hours5-6 hours2-3 hours
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Extremely Lightweight

If you are in the market for a an extremely lightweight cooler then you can’t go much lighter than Yens.  These products are some of the most lightweight you will be able to find, even for personal-sized soft-sided cooler.  This is thanks to a combination of very thin material as well as being on the small side to begin with.  The result is a product that you will almost forget you care carrying, even if it has items in it.

Can Store Anywhere

Due to being soft-sided as well as its size, you can easily store a Yens cooler just about anywhere.  This means it is quite handy for any sort of active activity where you don’t want to have to be carrying a lot of additional weight or volume.  It also makes it good for motorcycles, bike trips, lockers, etc.  When it is empty, you can easily fold it up and store it in any shelf or box without taking up hardly any space.

Great Price

Another one of Yen’s biggest selling points is their extremely cheap asking price.  If you are on a tight budget and are simply looking for a cooler to store your items for a short period of time you can’t go much cheaper than Yens.  This also makes them good for applications where you don’t care if it accidentally gets lost or misplaced.  Public places such as festivals or beaches are perfect examples.

Huge Variety of Colors

There are literally dozens of different colors available for each type of Yens product.  This means that no matter what style you are into, they likely have something that will work for you.  And at this price you can grab several different colors so that they match outfits or your mood for that day!

General Product Information

Products Reviewed: Yens FantasyBag Lunch Bag, Yens FantasyBag Cooler Bag, Yens FantasyBag Drawstring Cooler Backpack

Range of storage sizes: 5 to 7 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 6 hours

Materials used: Plastic, various fabrics, and metal

Price range: Budget

Wheeled options? No

Yens Fantasybag Lunch Bag

yens fantasybag lunch bag reviewOur Rating3 star

The biggest selling point of this product is the price, which is very affordable.  While its other attributes are nothing amazing they are good enough to justify a purchase if you are just looking for a small, lightweight, and most importantly very cheap bag to carry your items in.

Pros: Great price, very mobile, additional external storage, a lot of color choices

Cons: May have trouble fitting everything, plain design

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Yens Fantasybag Cooler Bag

yens fantasybag cooler bag cooler reviewOur Rating2.5 star

This item struggles on several fronts, many of which are centered on its less-than-stellar build quality.  Issues such as leaking and weak zippers can make this a somewhat frustrating cooler to use.  The price is pretty good, however, but even considering this, we recommend to try something else.

Pros: Affordable, very light, many different color choices

Cons: Not great insulation, easily tears, shoulder strap is too short, modest design

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Yens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack

yens fantasybag drawstring cooler backpack reviewOur Rating2 star

The only bright spot of this backpack is its mobility and price.  It struggles with keeping items cold and doesn’t really offer much other than a way to carry some items.  If you are strapped for cash or do not care about having much cooling performance it might work for you but other than that don’t waste your time.

Pros: Incredibly affordable, very lightweight

Cons: Poor cooling ability, fragile construction, limited storage size, very plain looking

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