CustomCoolerStore Cooler Review

customcoolerstore cooler review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on October 7, 2022 is a new (at least to us) company that is attempting to take the idea of customizing coolers to the next level.  While we have seen plenty of other companies offer up various customization options such as being able to select unique coolers, team logos, etc., has incorporated a really intuitive design tool that allows you to actually design and upload whatever design you want directly to their site.  From there, they will print the design onto the face of the cooler.

However, there is more to a cooler than just its looks.  And to really test its capabilities, it is necessary to evaluate a cooler for other factors such as ice life, durability, features, etc.

37 Quart Premium Rotomolded Cooler - Small
CustomCoolerStore Coolers
Storage Volume (Quarts)
Ice Life (Hours)
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37 Quart Premium Rotomolded Cooler - Small
CustomCoolerStore Coolers
Storage Volume (Quarts)
Ice Life (Hours)
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CustomCoolerStore Cooler Lineup

customcoolerstore cooler lineup

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CustomCoolerStore currently focuses on hard-sided coolers.  Their lineup has 5 sizes: 26-quart, 37-quart, 53-quart, 69-quart, and 90-quart.  This size range is adequate and spans what most people would typically need.  For those after a small, mobile ice chest, the 26 and 37-quart models are great.  And for people who are willing to sacrifice some mobility for a new boost in ice retention and storage space, the 69 and 90-quarts will be more down your alley.

You will notice that all sizes come with essentially the same design and same features (more on that later).  We are used to seeing the smaller-sized hard-sided coolers come with an overhead carrying handle but that is not the case here.  All sizes will utilize the same side handle design.

CustomCoolerStore Cooler Features

The specific model that we tested was the 69-Quart unit.  But since there are so many commonalities between the features of one model to the next, testing one size was adequate for being able to get a good idea of what features are in place.

customcoolerstore cooler thickness

As is almost mandatory for any premium cooler these days, CustomCoolerStore coolers all utilize rotomolded walls.  As for their thickness, they are about average: 1.5 to 2 inches thick.  This has proven to be a nice middle ground between boosting ice retention and not sacrificing too much storage volume or weight savings.

customcoolerstore cooler rubber gasket

For helping with ice life, a large freezer-grade rubber gasket is found on the bottom of the lid.  This gasket is squeezed onto a lip on the base of the cooler.  This is a very standard approach that has been proven time and time again to be very simple yet effective.  Sometimes sticking to what works and not trying to rewrite the rule book is the way to go!

customcoolerstore cooler latches

The rubber latches serve two purposes.  First, they help to provide the necessary downward force to squeeze the rubber gasket, providing a nice seal.  This is accomplished by physically pulling the rubber latch down to engage (and disengage) the hook on the lid.  It is simple and it works.  In addition, the latches include a bottle opener embedded inside.  Sometimes we see cooler companies decide to put bottle openers on the corners of the base and other times we see them include them on latches.  As long as they include some bottle openers somewhere then we are happy!

customcoolerstore cooler rope handles

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For carrying, all cooler sizes come with side rope handles.  These handles come with rubber grips that are screwed into place.  We were a bit underwhelmed by the thickness and overall quality of the handles.  They are thinner than in many other coolers that we have tested. 

Furthermore, the rubber grips, while serviceable, didn’t provide the level of grip and comfort that we have seen in models.  However, they are made of marine-grade nylon so we don’t have any doubt in their ability to handle the weight requirement.  You can also grab it underneath the cooler itself for carrying it.  As we mentioned above, all models (even the 26-quart) come with side rope handles.

customcoolerstore tie down slots

On the corners, you will find holes that you can feed ropes through or lock down with a personal lock.  This gives an added level of security to the cooler (which can be helpful if you plan on using it in public places where there is a concern that strangers may try to open the cooler).

customcoolerstore cooler features

Other helpful features include two cup holders on the sides as well as a large fish scale that runs across the top of the lid.  There is also a standard high-flow drain port located on the side.  This is helpful not only for emptying out melted ice but also for helping to release the vacuum that sometimes forms which makes it difficult to open the lid.

All in all, we feel that the list of features available on CustomCoolerStore Coolers is acceptable.  While there aren’t any that we haven’t seen before, there is a nice enough variety to make most people happy (especially considering the price, which we will discuss later in this review).

CustomCoolerStore Cooler Ice Retention

A thorough cooler review wouldn’t be complete without an ice retention test!  And seeing how CustomCoolerStore coolers have all of the ingredients that we are used to seeing for long ice life, we went into this ice testing with high hopes.

We follow a pretty standard approach when testing coolers’ ice life.  We fill them up with the recommended amount of ice, leave them in an outdoor setting, and occasionally open them.  This helps to simulate a more “real-life” application.  In addition, we have created a proprietary system that allows us to interpolate the estimated ice life of a particular size and brand of coolers based off of actual tested results from another size of that same type of cooler.

For the 69-quart model we tested, we filled it up with around 36 pounds of ice.  You can see the ice melting progress throughout the following days in the images below.

customcoolerstore cooler ice life 0 to 24 hours

customcoolerstore cooler ice life 48 to 72 hours

customcoolerstore cooler ice life 96 to 120 hours

As you can see in the images, we managed to get between 4 and 5 days of ice retention out of the 69-quart CustomCoolerStore Cooler.  This is pretty good and about what we expected for a premium cooler with the ice retention features that this has.  And as we mentioned before, you may find that your specific ice life varies from this number based on your own personal variables.

The chart below will give you an idea of rough ice life estimates for the other sizes of hard-sided Coolers.

customcoolerstore cooler ice life

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Depending on which model you go with, you can anticipate anywhere from around 2 days of ice life all the way up to over a week of ice retention in optimal settings.  These numbers are quite good and very competitive, even in the premium cooler market. 

And it also really opens up the types of applications that you can put a CustomCoolerStore cooler through.  Anything from a weekend camping trip all the way up to a week-long outdoor excursion is possible.

CustomCoolerStore Cooler Aesthetics

customcoolerstore cooler color options

The overall external design of CustomCoolerStore Coolers is pretty standard.  There are some subtle curves on the face and rear but nothing that we haven’t seen many other brands do.  In addition, the base color options are quite limited.  At the time of this writing, there are only two to pick from: white and tan.

However, what really makes CustomCoolerStore Coolers stand out is their robust customization options.  If it isn’t obvious from the company name and website alone, this brand is aiming to be your go-to source for coolers with custom graphics on them.  This can include things such as team logos, company logos, family crests, portraits, or really anything else that you can think of. 

To add to this, they even have an online customizer that allows you to upload images, add text, and create multiple layers.  This is an extremely cool feature that few other brands can come close to offering.

customcoolerstore cooler front logo

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Our test model came with a standard company logo on the front.  But from talking to the company, it sounded like they could quickly and easily add just about any image that we could think of to it at our request.

We didn’t try to scrape off the logo but it did feel to be pretty securely printed on there.  This is important as you wouldn’t want a cooler with a custom logo or graphic to start peeling off a week after you receive it!  That being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if the occasional bump or scratch does cause premature peeling. 

The other thing we noticed (and we would need to clarify with the manufacturer) is that the logo appears to be printed just on the face of the cooler.  CustomCoolerStore may be able to print on the sides, back, and lid as well (which would further add to its uniqueness of it).

CustomCoolerStore Cooler Price

Anybody who has browsed high-end coolers for a very long will quickly realize that these types of ice chests can come with a huge sticker price.  And while premium coolers will never be ultra-budget items, there are models and brands that have a clear advantage over others when it comes to price.

CustomCoolerStore Coolers are about the middle of the road.  They are noticeably more affordable than some of the ultra-expensive brands such as Yeti and Pelican.  And their prices are a bit more than some of the ultra-budget premium brands like RTIC and nICE.  You will find that they fall somewhere in the middle, competing with the likes of Orca, Mammoth, etc.  Performance, features, and durability are all pretty similar across most of these brands. 

But where CustomCoolerStore has a clear edge is in their customization.  You don’t have to pay extra to have a custom logo or decal applied to one of these coolers.  So for someone who is dead-set on adding a team logo or family image to their next cooler, you may find that you end up saving a few bucks going with this brand.

CustomCoolerStore Cooler vs. Yeti

One of the most common comparisons is between “XYZ” Cooler and a Yeti.  Let’s face it: Yeti has been the big dawg in the cooler world for many years now.  And while there are plenty of other options, Yeti still has retained its throne.  But which is truly better when comparing a Yeti and a CustomCoolerStore Cooler?

In terms of sizes and models, Yeti wins hands down.  You are limited to just 5 sizes with a CustomCoolerStore compared to over a dozen with a Yeti.  In addition, Yeti has many more base color options, additional accessories, etc.  Plus, you are dealing with a much larger company that has a more established warranty and customer service department.

However, CustomCoolerStore has plenty of things working for it as well.  First off, you will save quite a bit on one.  And seeing how the ice retention and features are eerily similar between the two brands, somebody on a tight budget will be much better off with a CustomCoolerStore product.  In addition, while Yeti does have some customization options, they aren’t nearly as simple or robust.  We absolutely love the ability to upload custom images directly to the site and have them printed on your cooler at no additional cost.

So which is better?  For someone who is simply looking for the best bang for the buck and/or wants to enjoy an ice chest with a specialty logo on it, CustomCoolerStore is the clear winner.  But for someone who is more concerned with name recognition or that is after a specific size that only Yeti offers, Yeti still may be the way to go.  But no matter which brand you go with, you won’t be disappointed.

CustomCoolerStore Cooler Review

37 Quart Premium Rotomolded Cooler - Small

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Pros: Awesome customization feature, Good overall performance, Reasonable price considering custom options

Cons: Limited base colors, Not a ton of sizes to choose from

Features: Oversized rubber gasket, Bottle openers on latches, Nylon rope handles, Built-in cup holders, Integrated fish scale, High-flow drain port, Tie-down slots Coolers take a pretty standard approach in their premium cooler offering.  But what isn’t standard is their easy-to-use customization option that really opens up the creative side of your brain.  Overall performance and features, while not groundbreaking, don’t have any noticeable gaps.  And the asking price isn’t terrible, either.  These models are available in 26, 37, 53, 69, and 90-quart options.

Insulation Ability – CustomCoolerStore Cooler Review

You will find pretty standard-thickness rotomolded walls, the proven thick rubber gasket we are used to seeing, and strong latches to keep it all together.  The result is ice life which is right where we expect a high-end cooler to be.  Depending on which model you go with and the specific environment that you put it in, you can expect anywhere from around 2 days all that way up to 7 days or more of potential ice retention.  This is a solid number that makes this lineup of coolers suited for many outdoor activities.

Mobility and Durability – CustomCoolerStore Cooler Review

Build quality is about average for coolers of this caliber.  There are no notable weak points outside of the somewhat thin rope handles (however, they are made of quality nylon and should hold up just fine).  All of the features that you expect to see are in place plus some nice additional ones: thick rubber gasket, built-in bottle openers, high-flow drain plug, etc.  We couldn’t find much information regarding the warranty but how long it is would play a big role in bumping this rating up or down.

Visual Appeal – CustomCoolerStore Cooler Review

While the coolers themselves are pretty Spartan in appearance and only come in 2 base colors, the real shining point is in the customization ability.  You are able to design and upload any sort of custom emblem or logo that you could think of.  This really opens up your being able to make an ice chest that truly stands out from the competition. 

It is worth mentioning that the cooler that we received and all of the examples we have found online only have custom printing on the front face.  If CustomCoolerStore is able and willing to print on other walls and the lid, this could really be a game changer and push them way above their competition when it comes to looks and styling.

Cost – CustomCoolerStore Cooler Review

Asking prices, while certainly not the cheapest, and more than fair.  The nice perk is that any sort of custom design appears to be built into the base price.  So while a plain cooler with no custom logos might not be super competitive in its asking price, when you factor in the added cost that it typically takes to put team logos or branding on a cooler, it certainly makes the price more attractive.

Overall Rating – CustomCoolerStore Cooler Review delivers a solid, quality lineup of hard-sided ice chests that check all the boxes that you would expect from a premium cooler.  You will find nice construction, good ice life, and enough features to make most people happy.  But the real selling point is in the great customizing choices that allow you to design the perfect cooler for you, a friend or loved one, or a coworker.  And while they aren’t the cheapest coolers you will find, considering all of the above, we feel that they are at a good asking price.

CustomCoolerStore Cooler Review
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