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This is a listing of all Polar Bear coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Polar Bear coolers with our internal ranking system. Polar Bear is a unique company in that they offer soft-sided coolers that are intended to compete with many of the more conventional hard-sided coolers on the market.  The goal is to have the ease and mobility of a soft-side but also have the improved cooling performance and toughness of many plastic coolers.  They mostly target the outdoors type who is looking for a solution for their hunting, camping, or fishing excursion but their coolers can also be used for more casual uses such as a day at the beach or park.  They don’t offer a huge line of product lines and their maximum sizes won’t approach that of many large plastic coolers but if the space they provide is enough for your desired applications we definitely recommend that you check them out.

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 Polar Bear
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Our Rating4 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$
Ice Life24-48 hours
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A Unique Approach to Soft-Sided Coolers

When people typically think of soft-sided coolers they picture flimsy, thin, cheap products that are meant to package food for a lunch for one or something similar.  Very rarely to they imagine them being used for a weekend excursion or something to carry food and drinks for an entire family.  Polar Bear is attempting to break out of that common stereotype in their soft-sided cooler offerings.  These provide significantly higher performance than just about every soft-sided cooler on the market and even out-perform some of the conventional hard-sided coolers.  This is accomplished through a variety of ways, a few of which we will go over below.

Impressive Ice Life

polar bear cooler features These products can enjoy ice life of a day or more, even in extreme settings.  This is accomplished by a well-engineered and optimized design that focuses on keeping the cold air in and the hot air out.  Specifically, high-density open cell foam is added to the walls which not only adds some rigidity but more importantly significantly slows down heat transfer, especially over standard soft-sided liner materials.  In addition, the insulation layers are cinched down on the sides which creates a much tighter barrier.  Doing so helps ice to last longer as it doesn’t have an easy way out in between the layers of foam.  Finally, the zipper used is very well made and creates a nice seal that will last for a long time.

These coolers also have optional cooler packs that can be frozen down to a temperature of -70 degrees.  Using this will even further maximize how long your items stay cool.  The other benefit of using the cooler pack is that you don’t have to deal with melted ice as a majority of the liquid stays retained within the cooler pack enclosure.

Super Tough for being Soft-Sided

A lot of the time when you try using a soft-sided cooler you have to be careful to avoid rubbing it against rough surfaces or accidentally poking it with a sharp object.  This can easily tear the thin and weak fabric that many of these products use, which will quickly ruin the cooler.  The materials and construction present in Polar Bear coolers are much more resilient.  The outer shell is comprised of 1,000 denier Cordura nylon, which is a very tough and scratch-resistant fabric.  To add to this is the thick layer of dense cell foam mentioned above which not only helps with keeping cold air in but also adds much-needed rigidness and additional protection.

Also, as mentioned above, the zippers that are used are high-quality and can withstand constant use as well as the standard wear and tear one would expect on an outdoor cooler.  Finally, the entire product is leak proof and sweat proof and you can expose it to water without worry of parts rusting or cracking. All of this combines for a soft-sided cooler that might surprise some people.  It can actually handle outdoor applications without falling apart after a short period of time.

Retains Nice Mobility

Despite the added weight and bulkiness that comes with thicker materials and reinforced structure, the Polar Bear coolers are still quite mobile and just about everyone can easily carry them.  This is because of the optimal design that results in a shape that is not overly long or wide, which makes it easy to carry at the side with one hand, even when full.  In addition, the inclusion of two separate carrying methods (overhead Velcro handle and detachable shoulder strap) means that you are able to carry their products whether you have a free hand or a free shoulder.  This is definitely helpful because the larger sizes of the Polar Bear coolers can hold a rather large amount of food and drinks, so having a good carrying method is quite necessary.

Nice Styling and Color Selection

While Polar Bear prioritizes making a tough soft-sided cooler, they also worked on their aesthetics as well.  The overall design of their polar bear cooler customcoolers are quite sleek and they give off the vibe of high quality.  The addition side pockets and straps blend in nicely with the overall feel of the cooler and don’t feel forced or cluttered.  Furthermore, there is a nice color selection to choose from so no matter what template or feel you are going for they likely have something that works for you.

Looking for something more custom?  Polar Bear also offers custom embroidery for those that want to truly stand out.  This makes for a great birthday or graduation gift, and something that very few other cooler manufacturers can say that they do.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Polar Bear Cooler

Range of storage sizes: 8 to 36 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 48 hours

Materials used: Plastic, metal, Nylon, and rubber

Price range: Premium

Wheeled options? No

Company Website:

Polar Bear

polar bear cooler reviewOur Rating: 4 star

This is a high-quality cooler that should have adequate ice life for a full day.  It is very convenient, having multiple carrying options, and overall the construction is good quality.  The huge array of color options is also a nice touch.  However, it is a bit on the expensive side but we still think it is worth it.

Pros: Good cooling ability for a soft-sided cooler, great mobility with multiple carrying straps, high-quality look

Cons: The opening is a bit constricted, pricey

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