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This is a listing of all Thermos coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Thermos coolers with our internal ranking system. Thermos is a large company that specializes in a wide variety of food and beverage storage products.  Despite this, their cooler selection is quite large, but most centers around smaller sizes and soft-sided offerings.  Because of this, they are great for an individual or small group that needs a product for lunch or a picnic, but will probably not be the best choice for a weekend outing or for a larger group.  While they don’t have a huge variety of models, there are a ton of different color and pattern options as well as a decent variety of smaller sizes.  If you are in the market for a relatively short-term and soft-sided cooler we also recommend you check out our reviews of Arctic Zone coolers, Dalix coolers, and eBags coolers.

Our Top Rated Thermos Coolers

 Thermos Raya Lunch ToteThermos Element 5 CanThermos Element 5 Lunch Lugger
thermos raya lunch tote thumbnailthermos element 5 can cooler thumbnailthermos element 5 lunch lugger thumbnail
Our Rating3.5 star2.5 star2.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$$$
Ice Life4-5 hours3-4 hours3-4 hours
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The Thermos Name

While many might initially think of Thermos’ famed containers for keeping items hot, they also have quite a bit of experience with products that help to keep items cold.  Because of this, you know any product that has the Thermos name on it will come with the respected and proven reputation that it has earned over the decades.  This experience that they have gives them a unique edge over much of their competition in regards to manufacturing and material choices to make, and we can definitely see this in many of their products.  It also comes with the convenient Thermos warranty with further shows that they are proud and will stand behind their products.

Extreme Mobility

One common trend that we have seen across all Thermos coolers is their great mobility.  All of their products are quite compact and are made of relatively lightweight materials, so they are very light, even when filled up with items and ice.  This makes them extremely easy to carry and when you do carry them they don’t take up much space.  This also makes these products easy to stow away just about anywhere.  This can be important if you need to carry a lot of items at once and don’t want to make multiple trips or if you are going somewhere that will have severely limited storage space like a cramped camping tent or a small school locker.

Good Storage for the Size

Despite their small demeanor, Thermos products come with quite a bit of storage volume.  This means that there should be ample room for just about any individual’s lunch or small picnic needs, and in their larger offerings, they could even potentially be used as a storage vessel for a small group gathering.  This can be attributed to a combination of a minimal amount of thin material being used as well as an optimized design that allows one to store as many items as possible with the given volume.  In other words, they are designed to try to avoid the annoying occurrence where you have a bit of volume at the top of the container that it too small to fit any other items but too large of unoccupied volume to go unnoticed.  They also have extra deep products such as the Raya Lunch Tote that allow you to store tall or long items that would normally be very difficult to fit in a conventional soft-sided small cooler.

Priority on Ice Life

Many of Thermos’ coolers have average to above average cooling life.  This can be a challenge for smaller coolers, and especially thermos cooler insulationones that are so lightweight and simple.  This can likely be attributed to optimal material selection as well as high-quality construction methods being used.  In addition, many of their products come equipped with isotec™ premium insulation, which is a multi-layered compound that consists of closed cell polyethylene foam that will literally block solar heat while at the same time retaining cooled air internally.

Great Color Variety

There are a huge number of different color and pattern variations available for these products.  No matter who the cooler is intended for, there is likely an existing design that will agree with them and their aesthetic needs.  This also goes to show that Thermos is attempting to design products that cater to a larger crowd: from kids and teenagers who want a fun lunch box that can stand out from their friends to a more professional and business setting where a simple black or gray color is preferred.  The fabric and texture patterns that they use are also very attractive.  They can have a rather progressive look where there is an alternation between solid fabrics and mesh which looks quite nice.

Competitively Priced

Another quality that Thermos has strived for and likely takes great pride in is their ability to offer a viable product at a reasonable price.  Many of their coolers come in well below the average market price for a comparable-sized and equipped cooler.  They are able to offer this while still making a high-quality product that doesn’t attempt to take shortcuts material or construction to achieve this.  When you become as large of a company as Thermos, you are able to make your products for much cheaper than the “little guy” and in many cases, this cost savings is then shared with their customers.

General Product Information

Products Reviewed: Thermos Raya Lunch Tote, Thermos Element 5 Can Cooler, Thermos Element 5 Lunch Lugger

Range of storage sizes: 8 to 22 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 8 hours

Materials used: Plastic, rubber, various fabrics, and metal

Price range: Budget to Intermediate

Wheeled options? No

Company Website:

Thermos Raya Lunch Tote

thermos raya lunch tote reviewOur Rating3.5 star

This is a great-performing cooling product and should be more than large for most people’s needs.  In addition, the price is more than fair for what you are getting.  We do wish that there were some extra pockets to store non-chilled items and that there were some more aesthetic features or a more entertaining fabric layout but overall it is still a nice buy.

Pros: Affordable, plenty of storage space, good cooling qualities

Cons: Very bare, no external pockets

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Thermos Element 5 Can 

thermos element 5 can cooler reviewOur Rating2.5 star

The most impressive feat with this cooler is how much it can store despite what appears to be a relatively small size.  Unfortunately, nothing else about it really stands out and in fact, it somewhat struggles with cooling.  The price is at a point where it isn’t a horrible buy but there are better choices out there.

 Pros: Adequate job of cooling, carries quite a bit for the size

Cons: Not a lot of other storage options, zipper is very weak, flimsy structure, little variance in aesthetics

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Thermos Element 5 Lunch Lugger

thermos element 5 lunch lugger reviewOur Rating2.5 star

The cooling performance of this part is good enough for its intended application, but it does struggle in the durability department and the design of it is a bit bland.  The price, while not terrible, is a bit too high for what you are getting with this lugger.

 Pros: Large cooling storage for the size, good size for easy mobility

Cons: Zippers break easily, only one color choice

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