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This is a listing of all Kysek coolers for sale that we have reviewed.  Not only do we break each cooler down but we also offer up what we feel are the best Kysek coolers with our specialized ranking system.  Kysek might not be as well-known as many of the other brands on here but they are looking to compete with the much better-known Yeti and RTIC coolers.  They target the premium-level market and offer up both hard-sided and soft-sided coolers that they feel can keep up with the best.  This is thanks to the array of specialized features, usage of premium materials, and close attention to detail.  In addition, they offer up a lineup of dry bags that, while aren’t intended to have ice life, do emboss some of the tough ideals their other products go after.  There are enough sizes available for most people that are willing to open up their pocket book.  If you are in the market for a premium cooler we also encourage you to check out our reviews of Engel Coolers, Grizzly Coolers, K2 Coolers, Mammoth Coolers, Pelican Coolers, and Yeti Coolers.

Our Top Rated Kysek Coolers

 Kysek CoolerKysek Soft CoolerKysek Dry Bag
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Ice Life7-18 days1-2 daysN/A
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Plenty of Sizes for Most People’s Needs

Kysek coolers offer up plenty of sizes and shapes which should appeal to most people.  For their hard-sided coolers, you can choose from the Kysek 25 all the way up to the Kysek 150.  Depending on what size you go for, this can store anywhere from 36 to 240 12oz cans.  As for their soft-sided coolers, you don’t have quite the range but they do come in a proven 32 can size as well as their very portable Trekker backpack.

Another unique choice is the array of Kysek Dry Bags.  While these won’t have the ice preservation ability of their hard-sided and soft-sided coolers, they do come in plenty of sizes which make them great for people who simply need to keep some items protected from the elements.  Specifically, you can enjoy sizes that range from their extremely mobile Dry Pouch all the way up to their 70-liter model.

Kysek Learned From the Best When it Comes to Toughness

Kysek has obviously taken inspiration from other notable cooler lines such as Yeti and RTIC.  You will see many similarities in the various features and components that they have between those cooler juggernauts and you will even see some things that help to make them stand out.

Roto-molded construction

The pinnacle of cooler construction, all of Kysek’s hard-sided coolers come with their trademarked Durocold rotoMold design.  This has been tried and tested to be the toughest way to manufacture a cooler and it should handle plenty of wear and tear.

Heavyhaulers Heavy Duty Inset Wheels

Need to easily transport a full cooler?  No worries!  Kysek hard-sided coolers also come with specialized inset wheels that can support up to 1,000 pounds of weight on them and still easily function.  This is something we really like and that we wish other cooler brands would take note of.

Easygrip Handle

The handles used are nylon reinforced ropes with high-grade aluminum and rust-free pins that will help to maximize the handle’s life while being user-friendly.

Extra Tough Lid

Kysek’s lids are so tough that they double as a cutting surface!  This is thanks to their ultra-stippled, laser-etched surface that is composed of high-density polymers.

Posilatch Latch

Kysek proudly exclaims that their rubber latch is larger and more durable than anything on the market.  This is a bold claim and shows that they are proud of their products and will stand behind it and its components.

Loads of Ice Life

Not only does the rotomolded design help in toughness but it also plays a direct and significant role in how long ice lasts.  Kysek has stated that they have optimized their design to make the walls extra thick and dense where it matters.  This helps to reduce how much cold air can escape out.  Other helpful features include an enormous freezer-grade gasket that creates a tight seal and their optional Codeblue sensor that syncs with your smartphone to help keep track of internal cooler temperature as well as ice life.  All of this combines to give an advertised 10 days of average ice life with optimal conditions bumping that up to a potential 22 days!

Amping up Performance in Soft-Sided Coolers and Dry Bags

kysek soft cooler features

The load of features and high-quality components don’t just stop at Kysek’s hard-sided coolers.  You will also find them in their soft-sided coolers and dry bags.  Their soft coolers come equipped with an Internashield insulation wall that helps to increase ice life and are protected by an impressive rawhide outer skin that can handle most wear and tear you can bring its way.  Their dry bags utilize waterproof material that is attached using thermos-welded construction and also take advantage of tough outer material that is resilient against scratches and tears.  Furthermore, all of the zippers they use are very thick and also water-resistant which means there really aren’t many weak points to find.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Kysek Cooler, Kysek Soft Side Ice Chest, Soft Side Dry Bag

Range of storage sizes: Approximately 25 liters to 150 liters

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 22 days

Materials used: Plastic, various fabrics, rubber, and metals

Price range: Premium

Wheeled options? Yes (built-in Heavyhaulers on hard-sided coolers)

Company website:

Kysek Hard Cooler

kysek cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

This cooler meets all of the needs we like to see including long ice life, plenty of features, and extra tough construction.  They are quite expensive but come with a host of helpful features you won’t find anywhere else.

Pros: Great ice retention, clever accessories, quality materials and construction

Cons: Expensive, limited color choices

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Kysek Soft Cooler

kysek soft cooler review

Our Rating:  3.5 star

We like what Kysek brings to the table with this soft cooler.  It comes with relatively good ice life and has most of the features we want to see in a premium soft cooler.  We particularly like the extra strong material and quality binding used.  However, the design is essentially a copy off of Yeti and it comes at a similarly high price tag.

Pros: Acceptable insulation, All of the expected features, Super tough

Cons: Pricey, Very similar design and approach as Yeti/RTIC

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Kysek Dry Bag

kysek dry bag reviewOur Rating:  3.5 star

These dry bags are assembled with great construction methods and have a similarly tough outer shell that we have became used to from Kysek.  However, you are giving up a significant ability to keep items chilled for very long and are still having to pay a premium for this high-performance bag.

Pros: Quality construction, Super resilient outside fabric, Attractive looks

Cons: Aren’t designed to store cold items, Expensive considering they aren’t really coolers, Not as many features

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