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This is a listing of all Igloo Coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Igloo Coolers with our internal ranking system.  Igloo is one of the most well-known cooler lines on the market and their selection of coolers and cooler accessories is vast.  No matter if you are looking for an affordable, mobile, personal lunch bag or something that can keep a family’s worth of items chilled for days, Igloo likely has a product that meets your search criteria.  As such, we definitely recommend you checking out some of the reviews for their products.  If you are looking for other brands with large selections of coolers we also recommend that you check out our reviews of Coleman Coolers and Rubbermaid Coolers.

Our Top Rated Igloo Coolers

 Igloo Ice CubeIgloo Yukon Cold LockerIgloo Marine Ultra Soft Cooler Bag
igloo ice cube thumbnailigloo yukon cold locker thumbnailigloo marine ultra soft cooler bag thumbnail
Our Rating4.5 star4 star4 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$$$$$$
Ice Life2-3 days6-7 days36-48 hours
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Huge Variety of Sizes and Applications

igloo products all sizes If it isn’t already obvious, Igloo offers a HUGE array of cooler sizes and also makes a product for just about every environment and application.  In fact, they likely have the most impressive overall collection of coolers in the industry.  They have simple, lightweight lunchboxes for those needing to simply pack an individual lunch all the way up to huge Polar coolers that can store enough food and drinks for an entire family reunion.  They have mobile, soft-sided products that are intended for the office life and they have Super Tough STX coolers that are made to take a serious beating in the great outdoors.  With such a large selection of coolers to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming when you try to narrow your choices down.  That is why we recommend checking out our thorough reviews to help this process.

One of the Oldest and Most Trusted in the Game

When you purchase an Igloo you are purchasing a product from one of the oldest and most well-known cooler companies in the world.  Many cooler manufacturers are relatively new and have not yet established a big reputation.  With Igloo, that isn’t a concern.  It was founded in 1947, which means that it is 70 years old!  With that much time in the industry, you gain a special understanding of what it takes to make a viable cooler.  While some of its competition is still trying to figure things out, Cooler knows its game plan and sticks to it.

Reasonably Priced

One common trend that we have seen with Igloo product across the board is the consistent tendency to be one of the most affordable for that category.  No matter if you are looking at premium, heavy-duty coolers or cooler backpacks, if it is made from Igloo you know that it is going to be competitively priced.  And with this good price you aren’t getting shaky quality or questionable manufacturing.  All Igloo products stick to their high-quality standards and many are designed to last for years.  That is another benefit of being a very large cooler company: you have the manufacturing process down, have better access to the necessary materials, and do more things in-house.  This results in a lower bottom line which they can then give back to their customers.

Lots of Mobile Options

Another pattern that has been noticed with Igloo is just how many of their products are mobile or easily portable.  They have a huge selection of cooler backpacks, totes, and handy lunchboxes.  A lot of these are not only relatively lightweight and optimally-sized, but many have multiple carrying methods such as handles and shoulder straps.  Even many of their larger plastic coolers are available in wheeled configurations.  So for anybody who needs a cooling solution and anticipates being on the move quite a bit, they should definitely look into what Igloo has to offer.

Clever Accessories and Features

igloo accessories Igloo knows what it takes to make a good cooler.  They also know what customers are looking for, particularly in regards to what accessories or features that should add to their products.  Many Igloo coolers are loaded with unique and well thought out accessories that are there to help the user.  They add functionality, convenience, and really show that Igloo isn’t just concerned about making a product that can keep food and drinks cold.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Igloo Ice Cube Cooler, Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler, Igloo Marine Ultra Soft Cooler Bag, Igloo Legend Cooler, Igloo All-Terrain Cooler, Igloo Contour Cooler, Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler, Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler, Igloo MaxCold Tote, Igloo Hard Liner Cooler, Igloo Island Breeze Cooler, Igloo Marine Breeze Cooler, Igloo MaxCold Cooler, Igloo MaxCold Duffel, Igloo MaxCold Hard Top Gripper, Igloo MaxCold Gripper, Igloo MaxCold Workmans Meal to Go Cooler Bag, Igloo Party Bar Cooler, Igloo Polar Cooler, Igloo Sportsman Cooler, Igloo Stainless Steel Cooler, Igloo Gripper Cooler, Igloo Playmate Cooler, Igloo Quick and Cool Cooler, Igloo Backpack Cooler

Range of storage sizes: 9 to 165 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 10 days

Materials used: Plastic, various metals, multitude of fabrics, and rubber

Price range: Budget to Premium

Wheeled options? Yes

Company website:

Since there are so many Igloo products and so many reviews that we have completed on them, the list is quite large.  For your convenience, we have included quick links to all of our reviews below.  If you would like to check out our larger overview of each product look right below these and you will see all of them in order of their overall ranking, from highest to lowest.

Igloo Ice Cube

igloo ice cube cooler reviewOur Rating: 4.5 star

In summary, this is a solid cooler all around, and we definitely enjoyed the improved ergonomic design.  While it will likely not make it to the 5-day mark for cooling ability, it still is good enough and at a price point to warrant a weekend trip with it.  It also well-constructed apart from the minor handle issue and the great choice of colors and styles makes it a recommended buy from us.

Pros: Easy to transport, very durable, wheeled options available, many different color choices, great price

Cons: Not quite as long of cooling time as advertised, handle is somewhat prone to break

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Igloo Yukon Cold Locker

igloo yukon cold locker cooler reviewOur Rating: 4 star

An extremely effective insulator packaged in a rock-hard shell with few weak points, the Cold Locker series hits all points.   It has enough features and sizes to appeal to most people looking for a premium large ice chest, but it does come with a rather high price tag that will rival some of the other higher-end brands on the market.  If you are willing to spend the money we recommend checking this one out.

Pros: Amazing cooling ability, extremely tough and long-lasting, aggressive styling

ConsVery heavy and bulky, expensive

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Igloo Marine Ultra Soft Cooler Bag

igloo marine ultra soft cooler bag reviewOur Rating: 4 star

Fantastic cooling life (for a soft top), great looks, and some helpful features are all huge pros for this cooler bag.  There are some build quality issues, however, but even with these the good just outweighs the bad too much and we definitely recommend this product for someone who is looking for a small cooling solution for the lake or pool.

Pros: Incredibly good insulation for a soft-side, multiple carrying methods, easy-access top, looks awesome

ConsA bit bulky and heavy, weak zippers and shoulder strap

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Igloo Legend

igloo legend cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

Overall this is a simple, modular, and relatively effective cooler that can be had for a reasonable price.  It won’t win any beauty contests but its effective design and helpful key features make it a buy for anybody looking for a space-saving and simple cooling solution for a small outing.

Pros: Quite good cooling ability, very mobile, lid converts to tray and cup holder, great price

Cons: Handle can be a little weak, very boring styling

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Igloo All-Terrain

igloo all terrain cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

A great product for those times that you will be getting off the beaten path and need to carry large amounts of cold goods.  This is a mostly well-built cooler that is very user-friendly and easy to transport.  The insulation ability is good enough for several days as well, and the price is more than acceptable.

Pros: Decent job at cooling, great mobility, looks aggressive, good price

Cons: Weak hinges, no other color options

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Igloo Contour

igloo contour cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

These coolers perform quite well and have the insulation ability to last for a long weekend on the beach.  There aren’t a ton of size choices but what is available is proven and should be large enough to fit everything you need for a couple of days.  The user-friendly layout and nice build quality mean that you will get plenty of uses out of these.  The price is acceptable and minor issues such as a non-insulating lid and no cup holders can easily be overlooked.

Pros: Very mobile, comfortable to carry, nice grip on handles, affordable

Cons: Cooling ability could be a little better, no cup holders

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Igloo Marine Ultra

igloo marine ultra cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

A proven, established marine cooler that has all of the features you need for our next boat trip.  The huge range of sizes means there is likely something for you, and you get quite good insulation in the larger options.  Overall a great range of coolers but shop around for good prices.

Pros: Overall good to very good insulation, many wheeled options, stainless steel hardware, looks very professional

Cons: Can be quite bulky, need to shop around to find good deal

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Igloo Super Tough STX

igloo super tough stx cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

For the most part, good ice life and sturdy construction as well as a decent price tag are huge positives for these lines of coolers. While the hinges and latches look the part, they can still be the weak points in what would otherwise be a pretty bullet-proof large cooler.  Despite its flaws, it is still a quality a product that we recommend.

Pros: Very well-insulated, tough outer shell, looks awesome, acceptable price

ConsFasteners don’t always close tightly, very heavy

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Igloo MaxCold Tote

igloo maxcold tote reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

This is a good tote for those looking for a handy and easy-to-use cooler that can keep items cold for a short period of time and at a price point that is more than digestible.  There are no major qualms with construction or durability and the overall package is good enough to warrant a buy.

Pros: Actually keeps items cold for a while, very lightweight and mobile, well-priced, nice construction

ConsNo varying size options, not as rigid as most coolers

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Igloo Hard Liner

igloo hard liner cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

This product performs surprisingly well despite its assumed limitations of being a loose soft-top that is relatively small.  The build quality and portability are more than acceptable as well.  The visual department could have a bit of a boost but it is not a deal-breaker, and we would recommend this to someone looking for a simple, mobile cooler.

Pros: Acceptable ice life (especially with ice pack usage), easy to store and transport, a lot of choices in color

Cons: No handle for carrying, a little too flimsy

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Igloo Island Breeze

igloo island breeze cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

The upgraded cooler shell is a nice touch and the shape helps to make it a very user-friendly cooler.  The cooling ability is a bit on the low side, however, so this would really only be a recommendation for a quick day or short weekend trip.  And why is the lid so hard to open and close?

Pros: Quite durable, wheeled options for mobility, modern look, decent price

Cons: Low cooling ability, lid can be stubborn

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Igloo Marine Breeze

igloo marine breeze cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

This ice chest does a pretty good job on all levels with its performance.  The elevated base and tight-fitting lid mean that ice will be around for a weekend trip to even the hottest climate.  It is well-constructed enough to hold up for several seasons.  Opening and close the lid and rotating the handle can be a bit laborious, however, but with its decent price can be overlooked.

Pros: Good ice life, well-constructed, good price

Cons: Lid can be pretty tight, not a lot of additional features or color choices

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Igloo MaxCold

igloo maxcold cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

The Max Cold cooler line does earn its name as it does a much better job of maximizing cold than most conventional coolers.  The extra insulation really shines and with so many size options there is sure to be one that works for you.  It is unfortunate that the handles and hinges can have issues, however.  Beyond that, there are no major complaints, especially if you can find one on the lower end of the price spectrum.  On the higher end, you can get into other premium offerings that might be a better choice.

Pros: Very good ice life, easy access to items, huge selection of sizes, many wheeled choices

ConsWeak handles, pretty modest styling

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Igloo MaxCold Duffel

igloo maxcold duffel reviewOur Rating: 3 star

A good-looking duffel but falls short on cooling ability and is really limited by its size constraints.  If you can get past these struggles it is well-built enough to be able to be a go-to option for your short lunch or picnic for many trips to come, and the price shouldn’t scare you off, either.

Pros: Easy to carry around, decent build quality, looks awesome, reasonably-priced

ConsLimited insulated volume space, intense heat can easily overwhelm it

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Igloo MaxCold Hard Top Gripper

igloo maxcold hard top gripper cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

This is a decent day cooler for those looking for a mobile solution that has an acceptable cooling ability.  It is lightweight and easy to carry and looks nice overall.  There are some questionable issues with the zipper life, however.

Pros: Acceptable job at keeping items cool, easy to carry, modern styling

ConsZipper can get stuck easily and there is only one of them, not enough additional features

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Igloo MaxCold Gripper

igloo maxcold gripper reviewOur Rating: 3 star

This product is good enough to handle the cooling requirements for a day trip and is plenty large for even a large lunch or outing for two.  Build quality is there except for a minor zipper issue and we wish we could access both zipped areas without it being covered by the strap during transport.

Pros: Strong fabric, plenty of storage space for being a gripper, good price, easily stored

ConsZippers are a little weak, looks a little cheaper than the hard-top version, can have access difficulty during transport

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Igloo MaxCold Workmans Meal to Go Cooler Bag

igloo maxcold workmans meal to go cooler bag reviewOur Rating: 3 star

For those looking for a rugged cooler bag that can handle some wear and tear this isn’t a bad option.  The insulation could be better and the zipper design is somewhat frustrating, but the product should last and is a fine solution for someone needing to keep their items chill for a work lunch or while working outdoors in the afternoon.

Pros: Multiple access points to stored items, tough outer material, very attractive styling, comfortable padded carrying handle

ConsInsulation performance could be a lot better, can be difficult to get to zipper while carrying

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Igloo Party Bar

igloo party bar cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

For party appeal, this cooler can’t be beaten.  It looks great and the lights are actually quite handy when it is dark outside.  However, it is a very flimsy cooler and does a poor job of keeping things cold for very long, so don’t plan on using this for an extended camping trip but rather for a fun night entertaining friends.

Pros: Awesome looking cooler, compartmentalized storage, casters for mobility

ConsPoor ice preservation, flimsy lid

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Igloo Polar

igloo polar cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

This is a large chest that can have decent cooling ability if you get a well-assembled one.  The major weak point is in the hardware.  The weak hinges and handles can be a huge headache and we wish that Igloo would have upgraded these items even if it resulted in a small premium on the final product’s price.  However, the price is really great which makes it still a neutral to soft buy in our book.

Pros: Great price, potential for nice cooling life

ConsA lot of variance in seal quality, weak hinges and handles, very boring appearance

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Igloo Sportsman

igloo sportsman cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

A very attractive, well-priced cooler that has acceptable cooling capabilities and a very tough frame but the hardware is the major flaw.  The hinges and handles are simply too weak and take away from what would otherwise be a grand slam rugged and outdoor-friendly cooler. It is still a soft recommend buy despite this, however.

Pros: Decent insulation, very attractive styling, good price

ConsWeak aluminum hardware, not as long of cooling life as advertised

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Igloo Stainless Steel

igloo stainless steel cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

This is a very aesthetically-pleasing looking product that has multiple major design flaws.  In terms of strictly keeping items cold it does a good job, but for the high price the latch issue simply can’t be overlooked.  There are worse options, however, and some people love the styling enough to overlook the weak points.

Pros: Very attractive look, decent insulation performance

ConsExpensive, latches break very easily, easily scratched

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Igloo Gripper

igloo gripper cooler reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

A solid, safe choice for those looking for a small gripper to pack their lunch or a few afternoon drinks.   One of the most mobile options available, but the size might be too small for some.  If space requirements aren’t an issue then it should be an acceptable choice that should last you a while.

Pros: Very mobile, decent construction, wide color selection

Cons: Won’t keep items cool for very long, storage volume might be an issue, somewhat expensive for the size

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Igloo Playmate

igloo playmate cooler reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

An affordable, simple cooler that has been around for decades, the Playmate relies on its unique design and storied history with this update.  Unfortunately, it isn’t stellar at keeping things cool and you can tell that the durability took a hit with the thin plastic that was used.

Pros: Body is strong enough, classic design, affordable

ConsShort ice life, flimsy lid, not very many features

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Igloo Quick and Cool

igloo quick and cool cooler reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

The performance of this cooler definitely has some issues.  It struggles with keeping items cold past 4 days despite higher claims and the weak handles and hinges mean that you might not get as much life out of this ice box as you would hope for.  However, it is extremely affordable for such a large cooler so if you plan on needing a larger cooler for a weekend trip and don’t anticipate moving it a lot this might be a good budget option.

Pros: Great price, lots of storage space, quick-access hatch is helpful

ConsDisappointing ice life, very difficult to carry, boring styling

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Igloo Backpack

igloo backpack cooler reviewOur Rating: 2 star

There are some major struggles such as low cooling time and poor construction, but the sheer mobility and convenience factor of being a backpack are the main selling points here.  As long as you don’t overload it and don’t be too rough on the straps or zippers it should suffice as a lunch backpack for a while but don’t expect much beyond that as there is very little carrying room, especially for the price. There are some major struggles such as low cooling time and poor construction, but the sheer mobility and convenience factor of being a backpack are the main selling points here.  As long as you don’t overload it and don’t be too rough on the straps or zippers it should suffice as a lunch backpack for a while but don’t expect much beyond that as there is very little carrying room, especially for the price.

Pros: Very mobile, very attractive styling

Cons: May struggle with enough storage space, can be difficult to access items, weak strap, expensive for size

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