Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Igloo Gripper Cooler

9, 18, and 22 cans (approx. 11 to 24 quarts) sizes

Plastic and fabric composition

Intermediate to Premium-priced

Pros: Very mobile, decent construction, wide color selection
Cons: Won’t keep items cool for very long, storage volume might be an issue, somewhat expensive for the size

Two separate insulated zipper compartments, front slip pocket, rubberized grip handle
Igloo Gripper Cooler Review

Igloo Gripper Cooler Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 21, 2019

This is our Igloo Gripper Cooler Review.  The Igloo Gripper is the basic and original gripper that is offered by Igloo.  It has the standard tent-shaped gripper lid and dual compartments for plenty of storage.  The handle is rubberized and centered on top for easy mobility.  The color palette has been updated to include several designs and schemes so as to appease just about anybody.  It comes in 9, 18, and 22 can options (approximately 11 to 24 quarts) and is made of plastic and fabric.

Insulation ability –  2.5 star

There isn’t a lot of insulation nor is the lid super sealed so don’t expect this to keep items cold for a significant period of time.  It is intended for keeping a small lunch or a few drinks cool until lunch or for a picnic.  For that purpose, it does a fine job.  The cooling performance is noticeably shorter than the Maxcold line but it is also cheaper and more mobile.  This will work fine for holding the contents for lunch or short picnic but for someone after longer performance than that, you may be out of luck.

Mobility and durability –  2.5 star

This is an extremely small and lightweight gripper so carrying is no problem.  In fact, some consider it too small.  The 9 can option, for example, can barely fit 9 cans and if you do so don’t expect to be able to put anything else inside.  The rubber grip is well-placed and easily strong enough to hold a full container.  Overall the construction is fine and should hold up to typical wear and tear for a long time.

Visual Appeal –  3.5 star

There are a wide array of colors and patterns available in these, which is a nice feature.  Choices from solids subdued colors to bright palettes all the way to camouflage options are out there.  The gripper itself appears to be well-constructed, albeit a bit thin, and the rubber grip is thick and appears to be sturdy which gives it a nice quality touch.

Cost –  2 star

Depending on the size and availability of this product, prices will typically fall in the intermediate to premium price tier when measured by storage volume per pound.  Overall, the asking price is perfectly reasonable but you just don’t get a lot of storage area for your money.

Overall Rating –  2.5 star

The Igloo Gripper Cooler Review gets 2.5 coolers out of 5.  A solid, safe choice for those looking for a small gripper to pack their lunch or a few afternoon drinks.   One of the most mobile options available, but the size might be too small for some.  The lack of ice life and storage capability will severely limit the possible applications that this server can serve.  If space requirements aren’t an issue then it should be an acceptable choice that should last you a while.

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