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This is a listing of all Engel Coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Engel Coolers with our internal ranking system. Engel is a company that specializes in high-performance coolers that are intended for outdoor adventures, specifically hunting, fishing, and camping.  To keep up with the unique and challenging demands of these environments, high-quality materials are used and the construction process is thorough and encompassing, with no shortcuts being taken.  The result is many products that have an impressive advertised cooling life.  While there isn’t a huge selection of different styles, there is a nice range of sizes available.  If you are in the market for a premium cooler that is intended to last for years then we recommend checking out some of our Engel cooler reviews and seeing if they have something that will work for you.  Also, if you are in the market for a long-lasting premium cooler we recommend you check out our reviews of Grizzly Coolers, K2 Coolers, Mammoth Coolers, Pelican Coolers, and Yeti Coolers.

Our Top Rated Engel Coolers

 Engel High PerformanceEngel Cooler/Dry Box
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Our Rating3.5 star2.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$$$$$$
Ice Life6-8 days3-5 days
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Huge Range of Sizes

Engel Cooler Sizes No matter what size of cooler you are looking for, Engel likely has something that will fit your needs.  Their sizes range from personal-sized 13-quart options all the way up to their enormous 320-quart cooler.  This is actually the largest size of any cooler company we have ever reviewed!  This means that they have you covered, whether you just need something to just pack your lunch in or you are planning a huge family reunion for a group of 50.  And no matter what size you decide to go with you can rest assured knowing that it carries the Engel quality that they have become well known for.  Also, each size was carefully engineered to guarantee the best performance possible.

Optimally designed to Maximize Storage Capacity

Not only is there a nice array of sizes to choose from, but the shapes of each size have been optimized to be able to fit the maximum amount and minimize how much “free space” there is where you can’t fit additional items.  The worst feeling in the world is when you have packed your cooler full to the brim for a weekend trip only to discover that those last few drinks or articles of food can’t fit despite there being some additional space at the top of the cooler.  With Engel, the odds of this are lessened and you have a much better chance of taking advantage of the full volume that a given cooler size has to offer.

Incredible Ice Retention

With a reported 8 to 10 days of maximum cold-keeping ability, Engel offers some of the longest ice life on the market.  This makes it a great choice for even those extra long camping and hunting trips you want to go on.  The longer a given batch of ice lasts, the less time and effort you have to spend buying and moving new bags of ice.  This also means less time worrying about your cooler and more time enjoying the outdoors, which is how it should be!  So how does it keep ice for so long?  This can be attributed to several things.  We will break down some of the most important factors below.  But first, we show our results for ice life based off of personal tests on these coolers.

engel cooler ice life

As you can see, ice life ranges largely on what size of Engel Cooler you go with.  However, all fare quite well and should compete with most other premium brands.

Roto-molded construction

All Engel Coolers come with roto-molded construction.  This type of construction allows for a consistent, linear wall which helps to reduce weak points for cold air to escape.  It also makes these coolers very tough (which we will get into later).  This process takes a longer period of time and is also more expensive, but the results speak for themselves.

Super Thick Walls on all Sides

thick walls engel cooler These coolers are made of 2″ polyurethane insulation.  Not only that but they are 2″ thick on ALL sides, including the lid.  Some competitors will advertise having thick walls but they won’t mention that it is only that thick in particular areas.  If some walls are thick and some walls are thin you don’t enjoy nearly the ice-saving performance as the cold air is going to go through the thin sections no different than if all the walls were thin!  With Engel, you don’t have to worry about this being an issue.  While it does add a bit of volume to the cooler dimensions, the improved ice life benefits that you enjoy are well worth it.

ArcticVault Gasket™

Engel’s trademarked ArcticVault Gasket creates an airtight seal between the lid and the rest of the body.  Let’s be straight: it doesn’t matter how thick the cooler walls are or what material they are made out of if there isn’t a good seal between the lid and the body.  This food-grade silicone gasket helps to ensure that there will always be a tight fit that helps to keep the cold air in and the hot air out.  In addition, it is tough enough to handle normal wear and tear without concerns of it forming a crack and allowing air to pass through.

Built to be Tough

engel quality

Engel coolers are designed to be able to handle even the harshest elements for years without failing.  Because what good is a premium cooler if it only lasts for one season or a couple of trips to the beach?  In order to achieve its level of toughness, a number of proprietary manufacturing elements and unique product features have been added to many of their products.  We will break down and discuss some of them.

Hardshell Rotomolded Construction™

As mentioned above, all Engel coolers are manufactured using rotomolded construction.  This tough, single piece polyurethane shell helps to ensure that there are no weak points on the cooler body.  Many conventional coolers are assembled in pieces, and these pieces have to be attached to one another via a conventional method such as melting the plastic ends.  This causes stress risers, which are weak points in the cooler shell and are oftentimes the first place that they crack and ultimately fail.  With a one-piece build, you don’t have to worry about this issue.  It also allows for much more freedom in the shape and embedded features that the cooler has.

TruHold Lid™

The TruHold Lid™ is implemented on all of Engel’s cooler lids.  Basically, it is a reinforced non-skid lid that is extra tough so that you can sit or even stand on it without worrying about damaging it.  If you look at some older coolers that have been used for years you will often see that the lids have begun to sink in some from people sitting on them or simple wear and tear.  This helps to alleviate that issue.

Anvil Hinge™

If you check out many of our reviews on this site you’ll see a common weak point with coolers is the hinge.  The hinge is one of the most vital parts of a cooler.  If it goes out then the cooler doesn’t open and close correctly and perhaps not at all!  A cooler that can’t close and form a good seal is nothing more than a box!  This self-stopping, full-length hinge is up to the task and can handle years of abuse.  In addition, it is designed to stop someone from trying to open the lid too far back, which can be a major weak point in many cooler designs.

Unity Latch System™

Another weak point that plagues lower end coolers is the latch system.  Most will skimp on quality and go with a cheap plastic latch that unity latch engel coolercan crack, warp, and even completely break off over time.  Similar to the hinge issue, when the latches go a cooler isn’t of much use!  Engel uses recessed marine grade draw latches and also opts for stainless steel hardware instead of plastic.  You can open and close this cooler thousands of times without worry of it giving out.  And, despite its strength, it is still user-friendly and just about anybody should be able to easily open and close the latches.

I-BEAM Lid Inserts™

On larger coolers, there can be a pretty large space between one wall to another.  This lack of reinforcement can cause the cooler walls to dip and sag over time, which can hurt performance, not to mention that it looks ugly!  Similar to many buildings, Engel has included I-beams that run across the length of the cooler lid.  This assists in reinforcement and makes the product better able to handle the significant weight it has to carry, both from internal items as well as potentially people standing or sitting on top.  It also doubles as an extra form of protection in the event the cooler is accidentally knocked over and dropped.

Tons of Helpful Accessories

Besides the obvious toughness and cooling ability that all Engel coolers proudly emit, they also include some helpful accessories and features that not only help them to stand out from some of their competition but also make the usage of their coolers much easier and enjoyable.

Cornerstone Feet™

These are non-skid and non-marking elevated feet that sit on the base of the coolers.  This has a couple of helpful benefits.  First, it keeps the majority of the cooler base from touching the surface, which can help to minimize potential scraping and abrasions that can occur when the cooler is moved.  The hard plastic and sometimes metal used in coolers can sometimes scratch up surfaces that they sit on pretty easily, so Engel wanted to try to avoid that.  Second, lifting the base of the cooler off the ground helps to improve ice retention, since the ground itself is a great source of heat transfer and, if hot, can rob your cooler of cold air.

DuoLock Security Holes™

This simple feature allows you to insert a padlock between the cooler lid and base.  This is great for those who have expensive items in their cooler and don’t want others getting access to it.  This can be a good idea when you are in busy public places or are leaving your cooler unattended for a period of time around strangers.

Quadra-grip Tie-Down Points™

These are molded slots on the side of the cooler that make it easy to tie down Engel products using a rope, bungee, string, or any other method.  They are built into the cooler itself so are well-supported and there is no concern about them breaking.

Flick Drain Plug™

Draining a huge cooler full of melted ice can be an exhausting exercise.  Engel includes a trademarked one-twist opening drain plug that makes emptying out water easy and hassle-free.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Engel High-Performance Cooler, Engel Cooler/Dry Box

Range of storage sizes: 13 to 320 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 10 days

Materials used: Plastic, stainless, rubber, and other metals

Price range: Premium

Wheeled options? No

Company website:



Engel High Performance

engel high performance cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

For most, the cooling life of this cooler will be plenty long, but it does fall a bit short of some of the other super long-term ice boxes on the market.  However, it is also significantly cheaper than many of those products as well, so we feel this is a fair tradeoff.  As expected, build quality is superb and this is an extremely tough product.  It is a bit plain looking but that isn’t an overly huge deal.

Pros: Great insulation ability, very tough, cheaper than many comparable coolers

Cons: Lid doesn’t seal as well as expected, very heavy, still quite expensive

Read Our Review of Engel High Performance Cooler

Engel Cooler/Dry Box

engel cooler dry box reviewOur Rating: 2.5 star

While the premise of being suitable for hot and cold items and also being waterproof is a unique touch that will have very particular applications, the core cooling performance of this ice box does struggle a little bit as a result.  It is well constructed, however, which means it should last a while.  For its pretty price, there are better options if all you are looking for is something to keep your items cold.

Pros: Can retain both hot and cold items, cooler can be submerged underwater without issue, quality hardware

Cons: Not the best cooling performance, a bit limited in storage volume, expensive

Read Our Review of Engel Cooler/Dry Box

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