Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Kysek Soft Cooler

20 and 30-liter sizes (approx.)

Plastic and rubber composition


Pros: Acceptable insulation, All of the expected features, Super tough
Cons: Pricey, Very similar design and approach as Yeti/RTIC

InternaShield insulation, Rawhide skin, NyWeb straps, Waterproof zipper, External storage compartment

Kysek Soft Side Cooler Review

They Kysek Soft Side Ice chests come in two flavors: The Rover Softbag and the Trekker Backpack.  The Kysek Rover Softbag may look eerily similar to the soft-sided coolers that Yeti and RTIC sell and sure enough you will see a lot of overlap in features, performance, and price.  The Kysek Trekker Backpack tries to stand out by offering similar features but in a more mobile-friendly package.  You can choose between approximately 20 liters of storage size in the backpack and 30 liters of storage size in the ice chest.  Both products are primarily made of plastic and rubber and are in the premium price bracket.

Insulation ability – 3 star

These products approach soft-sided coolers in a way very similar to Yeti and RTIC and you will instantly notice some similar design approaches.  Unlike Kysek’s Dry Bags, these are designed to not only be tough but also provide much longer ice life.  This is accomplished thanks to the inclusion of an InternaShield insulated interior that, coupled with the tough rawhide skin outside and waterproof zipper, allow for ice life of up to 2 days.  It is important to note that ice performance is really dependent on how much ice you decide to put in.  If you sacrifice more storage space for more ice you will see noticeable improvements in how long it can perform.  However, if you decide to go light on the ice so that you can store more items you will notice that the cooling ability drops down to less than a day.

Mobility and durability – 4.5 star

There are plenty of features that not only make the Kysek soft side ice chests tough but also quite mobile.  In the backpack, you can enjoy a wide mouth top that allows for easy access to stored contents.  There is also a waterproof zipper, outside compartment, and attached bungee cords for connecting various items.  In the rover soft bag, you get to enjoy a flip back top as well as NyWeb straps that are guaranteed to last through challenging environmental conditions.  In addition, it comes with latch guard buckles that stay secure even while full.  No matter if you go with the backpack or the soft bag, you will get to enjoy the proven rawhide skin outside that is high-frequency welded and virtually impenetrable.  Both products also come with the expected cushioned straps on the handles that we have come to expect in premium soft-sided coolers.

Visual Appeal – 3.5 star

These products look the part but are essentially identical to the Yeti and RTIC designs.  It isn’t that we mind these designs but it would be nice to have something a bit different so as to stand out some.  They come in a standard silver color with black accents and blue stitching.  We do like the extra rugged feel that all of the bungee cords and attachment side straps give the products, though.

Cost – 2.5 star

These soft-sided coolers are definitely not cheap.  That being said, they are similarly priced to what you find with the Yeti soft-sided coolers that have very similar dimensions and performance attributes.  You will also find that the similar RTIC coolers are a bit cheaper as well.

Overall Rating – 3.5 star

The Kysek soft-sided lineup adds some additional competition and variety to the cut-throat soft-sided cooler market.  They offer the features and performance we like to see given the high price tag and also a bit of extra mobility in their Trekker backpack that will surpass most soft-sided coolers due to the improved ergonomics.  You can expect up to two days of ice life in optimal conditions and the comfort levels are more than adequate.  Just keep in mind that these are premium products and do come with a premium price tag.

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