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This is a listing of All Arctic Zone Coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Arctic Zone Coolers with our internal ranking system.  Arctic Zone specializes in soft-sided coolers and has done so since 1986.  While their selections aren’t extensive, they do have several different size choices, all centered around a similar design and implementation.  Speaking of their design, it is very progressive and definitely makes it stand out from the crowd.  We feel that Arctic Zone offers some really unique benefits and encourage you to check out our reviews for a more specific explanation!

Our Top Rated Arctic Zone Coolers

 Arctic Zone Pro 30Arctic Zone Titan 48Arctic Zone Titan 16
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Our Rating4 star4 star3.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$$$
Ice Life24-36 hours36-48 hours24-36 hours
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Super Mobile

If you are looking something that is easy to move from place to place then look no further than Arctic Zone.  All of their products are designed to be quite mobile through a combination of their lightweight as well as efficient, small size.  This means that you shouldn’t have a problem storing and transporting one of these products to any fishing, camping, or tailgating event that you might be wanting to go to.  Soft-sided coolers give up a bit of cooling life but in return offer significantly better moving ability so for many who don’t need a week of ice life and just want to use their ice chest for a short day or weekend trip then this is the way to go.  Their shape is also optimized to be easy to carry at your side or to stash away somewhere without taking up a lot of space.

Awesome Styling

Arctic Zone has some really progressive and striking styling.  This is accomplished both by their interesting color combinations but also arctic zone coolerstheir cool variety of patterns and feature locations.  This gives them a really aggressive overall look that makes them stand out from the competition.  You don’t have to worry about accidentally mistaking your cooler for someone else’s if you go with an Arctic Zone!  This may be essential to some people who heavily value aesthetics.

Easy to Transport

Most of Arctic Zone’s products have at least two carrying methods.  Typically these include padded side handles as well as an overhead shoulder strap.  Because of this, you don’t have to worry about struggling to carry your cooler even if your hands are full.  We all know how frustrating it can be when we are trying to unload our vehicle for a camp trip and we just don’t have enough room in our hands to carry everything in one trip.  That’s not a problem here!  Just throw it over your shoulder and away you go.  There are also places that you can easily attach a bungee or rope through to secure your Arctic Zone cooler on a kayak, boat, motorcycle, or other moving vessel to keep it safe and secure.

Long Ice Life for a Soft-Sided Cooler

When we typically think of soft-sided coolers we don’t imagine long ice life, and there is a good reason for that.  Most soft coolers on the market will only experience around 24 hours of cooling ability before they need to be filled with more ice.  Arctic Zone breaks this mold, advertising ice retention of up to 48 hours in optimal conditions.  This opens up these products to a lot more, including weekend trips and overnight stays.  This is accomplished through thicker insulation and higher-quality materials than much of their competition.  This might result in a slight increase in bulkiness and stiffness, but it definitely gives it a big edge in regards to ice retention.

Optimized for Cans

Many of the Arctic Zone coolers are designed to fit cans while requiring the least amount of storage space.  So if you are needing a product that can be a storage vessel for your beverages then definitely check some of these out.  For instance, their Ultra 50 Cooler can carry up to an impressive 50 cans, but you’d be surprised at how small it is for being able to accomplish this.  That isn’t to say that it doesn’t do an adequate job of carrying bottles or other items, but the shape of it is designed around the height and width of your typical 12-ounce aluminum can.

Unique Features

Arctiz Zone Features

One way that Arctic Zone stands out from its soft-sided competition is through their specialized features that they sometimes add to their products.  These include things such as the easy-access top lid that allows you to grab items without having to open up the entire lid, Smartshelf technology which helps to make categorizing and organizing much easier, and the range of side and front pockets (both mesh and velcro).  These handy little additions really add up to make a very helpful range of products.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Arctic Zone Pro 30 Cooler, Arctic Zone Titan 16 Cooler, Arctic Zone Ultra 50 Cooler, Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Freezer Tote

Range of storage sizes: 19 to 35 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 48 hours

Materials used: Plastic, polyester, metal, polypropylene, and various other fabrics

Price range: Budget to intermediate

Wheeled options? No

Company Website:

Check out ALL of our Arctic Zone Cooler Reviews Below:

Arctic Zone Pro 30

arctic zone pro 30 cooler reviewOur Rating: 4 star

This product does everything pretty well and we prefer this larger size because of the improved cooling ability.  There are some notable build quality issues but the performance, features, and price are on point, making this a definite recommendation.

Pros: Acceptable cool life, very easy to access items inside, looks great

Cons: Fabric falls apart too soon, shoulder strap can be weak

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Arctic Zone Titan 48

arctic zone titan 48 cooler review full Our Rating: 4 star

Arctic Zone’s largest remodeled soft-sided cooler, the Titan 48 increases storage capacity while sticking to the great looks and the huge list of features that we love about this brand.  It is reasonably-priced and has good enough ice life to meet most people’s casual needs.

Pros: Very convenient zipperless lid, Smartshelf Technology makes removing items a breeze, Extremely attractive

Cons: Somewhat weak zippers, Lower ice life than advertised in most applications

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Arctic Zone Titan 16


arctic zone titan 16 cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

Even though we are a little underwhelmed by the cooling ability of this product, we still really like everything else it has to offer.  The mobility and design feature are handy and effective, and we love the styling of it.  If you are needing a short-term cooling solution this product will be more than acceptable.

Pros: Very convenient lid, Smartshelf technology is a nice touch, looks awesome

Cons: Struggles with cooling life

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Arctic Zone Ultra 50

arctic zone ultra 50 cooler reviewOur Rating: 3 star

This product attempts to combine a relatively large storage volume with soft-sided technology and it overall does an acceptable job of it.  With up to 2 days of cooling life, a variety of helpful features, and a decent price it should make most people happy that are wanting to go the soft-sided route.

Pros: Quick-access lid is super handy, tons of storage space, mobile for its size

Cons: Can be quite bulky, not enough color choices

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Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 


arctic zone eco blend 45 cooler reviewOur Rating: 2 star

There are a lot of issues with this product, ranging from the extremely short cooling life, leak issues, plain looks, and a price that is much too high for what you are getting.  Obviously, the portability and simplicity of a tote is tough to beat, but we just don’t see it being worth the price or other issues that are associated with this product.

Pros: Plenty of storage room, easy carrying with straps

Cons: Very poor insulation ability, easily leaks, very plain appearance

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