Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Arctic Zone Pro 30 Cooler

30 cans (approx. 30 quarts) size

Plastic, polyester, other fabrics, and metal composition


Pros: Acceptable cool life, very easy to access items inside, looks great
Cons: Fabric falls apart too soon, shoulder strap can be weak

SuperFoam insulation, Therma-Flect radiant barrier, HardBody liner with SmartShelf, side mesh pockets, padded shoulder strap, external Velcro pocket, patented Zipperless lid
Arctic Zone Pro 30 Cooler Review

Arctic Zone Pro 30 Cooler Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 20, 2019

The Arctic Zone Pro 30 Cooler is the big brother of the Titan 16, sharing similar technologies.  The real selling point for these is the patented “flip-open” technology that results in a zipperless lid for easy access to contents.  It also takes advantage of SuperFoam insulation which will help prolong the ice life.  Carrying options include side straps as well as a larger padded shoulder strap. 

Multiple storage options exist externally on the part, including a zippered front enclosure as well as side mesh pockets.  The internal compartment is protected by strong polyester and tough lining that is coated in a Therma-flect radiant barrier, and stored items can be protected from each other with the included SmartShelf. 

Color options available are quite bright and varied and this unit can store up to 30 cans (and has approximately 30 quarts total storage volume).  It is made of a combination of polyester, plastic, various other fabrics, and some metal.

Insulation ability –  3 star

The cooling ability of this product is pretty good, and the general consensus is that it does a better job than its little brother. This is likely for a couple of big reasons: the larger internal volume means that the stored temperature isn’t as easily affected and the insulation used is more effective.  Unfortunately, it will still suffer from the cold less that exists with the zipperless technology but overall you should still expect a day or two of cooling performance out of it, making it great for an overnight stay somewhere.

Mobility and durability –  3 star

The zipperless lid is extremely convenient and a great feature for those who want to be able to easily access cooled contents without having to struggle with zippers.  Having two different carrying options (side handles as well as a shoulder strap) is nice and something that many coolers of this size often overlook. 

There is adequate storage space for non-perishable items that you wish to carry via the zippered front pocket and side mesh containment areas.  We really like the SmartShelf technology that is used inside, which helps protect your soft items (sandwiches, chips, etc.) from your heavier, harder items (cans, bottles, ice packs, etc.).  Unfortunately, there are some minor quality issues: the fabric has been known to come apart prematurely and the shoulder strap can struggle to stay together when the cooler is completely full due to the weight.

Visual Appeal –  4.5 star

This cooler is very attractive, and the color schemes are modern.  Instead of having a consistent fabric pattern, there are various textures which are a nice touch.  Those who decide to try this cooler out will be sure to catch some attention thanks to its nice styling.

Cost –  3 star

This product will typically be found in the upper end of the budget price tier.  For the ice life you get, this asking price isn’t incredible but the other features and great looks help to make up for it.

Overall Rating –  4 star

This product does everything pretty well and we prefer this larger size because of the improved cooling ability.  There are some notable build quality issues but the performance, features, and price are on point, making this a definite recommendation.

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