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Kysek Cooler

25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 150 liter sizes (approx.)

Plastic and metal composition


Pros: Great ice retention, clever accessories, quality materials and construction
Cons: Expensive, limited color choices

Durocold insulation, Codeblue sensor, Bearclaw bottle opener, Heavyhaulers inset wheels, Easygrip handles, Posilatch latch, Coldlock gasket

Kysek Cooler Review

Kysek Coolers might not be as well-known as some of the other premium coolers that we have reviewed on here but they are confident that they can keep up with even the best in regards to ice life, toughness, and accessories.  In fact, they proudly boast roto-molded construction, premium hardware, and a few other tricks up their sleeves that help them to stand out from this very competitive market.  There are a few color choices and they are available in 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 150 liter sizes (approx.).  They are constructed of plastic with some additional metal and rubber parts, as necessary.

Insulation ability – 4.5 star

We are used to hearing grand numbers coming from companies who offer high-end hard coolers when it comes to ice life and Kysek makes no exception.  They advertise an average of 10 days of ice life and this goes up to an astronomical 22 days of ice life.  We personally have experienced around a week in normal settings which is more than enough for most people and applications.  As expected, this is thanks to their trademarked Durocold design which is essentially their name for roto-molded construction (a staple in the premium cooler industry).  In addition, they have attached a ColdLock gasket that has enhanced bond technology which promises a great seal that will only allow a bare minimum of cold air out and warm air in.  One really cool features that makes Kysek stand out is their Codeblue sensor and app that is available as an additional purchase.  There is a sensor that is put inside the cooler that checks both the ice status as well as the internal temperature and alerts you as to when it is getting low.  This means that you aren’t forced to open the cooler to check (which allows valuable cold air to escape and directly affects ice life).

Mobility and durability – 4 star

The roto-molded plastic design has been tested thoroughly and allows for a very durable shell that has no major weak points.  Beyond this, they also have HeavyHaulers which are their trademarked inset wheels that greatly assist in mobility while still being able to handle up to 1,000 pounds of force.  This, along with their ZeroSkid underside means that you don’t have to stress about sliding this cooler across the ground and that you will have a nice grip on the surface no matter where you put it.

The lid is also up to the challenge and comes with many great features.  It is ultra-stippled and laser etched which gives it a good surface for working on.  In fact, there is both an antibacterial cutting board as well as measuring ruler on the lid which can come in quite handy while out in the woods on a hunting or fishing trip.  Another accessory worth noting is the Posilatch rubber latch.  Similar to many of the other more mainstream brands, Kysek hasn’t skimped on the latch, offering you a bulked up rubber example that they state is more durable than anything on the market.  It is fastened in place with high-grade, rust-free aluminum pins.  Finally, they have also included Bearclaw bottle openers on the corners and an enhanced drain design which makes it as user-friendly as possible.

Visual Appeal – 3 star

Visually, Kysek ice chests will look very similar to many of the other hard-sided premium brands on the market.  You can expect thick, rigid plastic that has subtle aesthetic curves but not to the point that it takes away from its tough demeanor.  The one area that stands out to us is their metal bottle openers on the front two corners of the base which we really like.  As for colors, you have 5 to choose from including an LSU-inspired purple and gold.  We do wish there were a few more colors to choose from but this isn’t a deal breaker (also for those who aren’t LSU fans you will really only have 4 colors to choose from).

Cost – 2.5 star

Kysek is going for a premium cooler and this is definitely reflected in the high price tag.  You can expect to pay a premium asking price for these, with only a handful of coolers from other brands such as Yeti being more expensive (but not by much).

Overall Rating – 3.5 star

We really like with Kysek has brought to the table with their hard-sided coolers.  They have all of the features and accessories we like to see (roto-molded construction, premium gaskets, non-skid surface, extra-tough latch, premium hardware, etc.) and also some that we aren’t used to seeing such as the optional internal temperature sensor/phone app, rolling inset wheels, and the built-in cutting board on the lid.  In addition, the ice performance is great, with ice life of a week being normal and actually exceeding this in optimal conditions and in the larger sizes.  However, all of this comes with a very high asking price so many people will simply not have such a product in their budget.  However, for those looking at other premium cooler brands such as Yeti, RTIC, Engel, etc. we definitely think you should give Kysek coolers a close look as well.

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