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This is a listing of all Port & Company coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Port & Company coolers with our internal ranking system.  Port & Company is probably one of the broadest companies that we have reviewed coolers on.  Their products span between a wide variety of categories such as clothing, towels, and bags.  As such, they don’t really specialize in coolers and their particular offerings in that area are very limited.  However, they are a well-respected and popular company and what they do offer sells quite well.  In addition, their other products are known for being of acceptable design and quality so it is worth checking out what they have to offer in regards to coolers.

Our Top Rated Port & Company Coolers

 Port & Company 6-Pack
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Our Rating3.5 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$
Ice Life6-12 hours
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A Varied Selection of Products

As mentioned above, Port & Company have a huge array of products that they sell, a vast majority of them not being related to coolers.  While some people might see this as a bad thing, we believe that it does give them a unique viewpoint of how to approach designing a cooler that might appeal to a different crowd.  They might also have some unique or specialized manufacturing or material approaches that they have learned from making other items that they can apply to their coolers.

Great Style

Being a company that sells a lot of fashionable clothing, it is not surprising that Port & Company’s cooler products are quite visually appealing.  They will definitely hit right at home to those who are in a professional setting or that want something that embosses quality and sophistication.  You can also see some of this company’s design trends on the cooler products as well.

Still Strives for Functionality

Despite Port & Company’s prioritization to being aesthetically pleasing, they still understand the requirements that a proper cooler needs to have.  They use quality materials that they believe will be able to handle the normal wear and tear a cooler can typically experience.  In addition, they include adequate levels of insulation so that the cooler can actually retain ice long enough to be serviceable.  Also, their coolers come with convenient ways to carry it as well as multiple storage areas so that it can be used for many applications.

General Product Information

Products Reviewed: Port & Company 6 Pack

Range of storage sizes: 5.5 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: up to 12 hours

Materials used: plastic, nylon, and metal

Price range: Intermediate

Wheeled options? No

Company Website:

Port & Company 6 Pack

port & company 6 pack cooler reviewOur Rating: 3.5 star

We were surprised by how good this bag was at keeping cold and also how well it was made.  This results in a product that will last for several years and is even waterproof.  However, you will be limited on storage volume.

Pros: Great cold retention, waterproof, very mobile, premium feel to the design

Cons: Limited storage size

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