Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Port & Company 6 Pack Cooler

5.5 quarts size

Plastic, nylon, and metal composition


Pros: Great cold retention, waterproof, very mobile, premium feel to the design
Cons: Limited storage size

Waterproof lining, external mesh pocket on top, adjustable shoulder strap, front pocket
Port & Company 6 Pack Cooler Review

Port & Company 6 Pack Cooler Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 21, 2019

This is our Port & Company 6 Pack Cooler Review.  The Port & Company 6 Pack Cooler is another lunch solution from Port & Company, and company better-known for their luggage.  It has a main dual-zippered overhead compartment for storing cold items as well as an additional zippered pouch built into the lid as well as a front pocket for storing other items. 

It has an insulated interior to help with cooling performance and is advertised as being waterproof.  To help carry it is an overhead shoulder strap that can also be a conventional handle.  It comes in a variety of colors, stores a “6 pack” (or more accurately around 5.5 quarts), and is made of nylon, metal, and plastic.

Insulation ability –  3.5 star

For being a rather small lunch cooler, this product does a great job of keeping items cold.  The insulation it uses is thick and the liner is of high quality, so your items should stay cooler for much longer than most comparably-sized products on the market.  The waterproof liner is also helpful as if you decide to include ice or an ice pack to increase performance you don’t have to worry about it making a mess as the ice melts. 

You can reasonably expect this product to keep items cool for 6 to 8 hours, and if you load it with ice even longer.  While the cooling ability is there, there is a very small cavity so you won’t be able to store a whole lot and if you decide to include ice or an ice pack you will be giving up valuable storage space.

Mobility and durability –  3.5 star

Seeing how this item is so small, it is incredibly mobile.  The overhead strap is more than suitable for helping transportation.  We do like the zippered enclosure on the lid itself, which makes reaching down to grab something from it much more convenient than on the side, and you can do so without disturbing the cooled items on the inside.  

The insulation is robust but yes easily foldable (although there are reports of it taking a long time for the cooler to fit to its intended shape when collapsed).  The build quality is acceptable and there are no major weaknesses.  Our biggest issue is simply lack of size.

Visual Appeal –  4 star

This product has a very high-quality feel to it, despite the price.  There are arrays of color options, all of which look great.  For each color, it is accented with black and the black areas have various patterns in the fabric which give it an interesting dynamic.  It is definitely one of the better-looking bags on the market.

Cost –  2.5 star

This cooler is in the intermediate price tier online typically.

Overall Rating –  3.5 star

The Port & Company 6 Pack Cooler Review earns 3.5 coolers out of 5.  This is a great-performing bag that also looks the part.  The construction is up to par and the price, while not amazing, is at a point that is acceptable.  The biggest complaint is the lack of storage size, but if you can fit your necessary items into it then you should be content with this product.

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