Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Freezer Tote Review

Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Freezer Tote Review

Storage Size: 45 cans (approx. 26 quarts) size
Construction: Polypropylene and polyester composition
Cost: Intermediate-priced
Features: Made of Eco Blend recyclable material, leak-proof liner, high-density thermal insulation, Therma-Flect barrier
Pros: Plenty of storage room, easy carrying with straps
Cons: Very poor insulation ability, easily leaks, very plain appearance 

Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

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Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Freezer Tote Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on December 12. 2022

The Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Freezer Tote is the answer for those looking to keep their grocery items or picnic items cool for a few hours before being consumed or making it to the fridge and/or freezer.  It is not intended to be a long-term solution but is still layered with high-density thermal insulation as well as Therma-flect barrier to help block out UV rays. 

The rugged polyester material will hold up to normal abuse and there is a lining in place that makes it leakproof.  Contents are accessed through a large and convenient zipper located on the top of the bag, and transportation is accomplished through the use of side straps.  It will hold approximately 45 cans (26 quarts), is available in a variety of colors, and is made of polypropylene and polyester.

Insulation Ability – 1.5 star

This product is intended to be a short-term cooling solution and as such the cooling life isn’t very long.  The insulation that is in place helps but there is simply too much air that can exchange from the inside of the bag to the outside to make it a viable cooler for a weekend trip.  As such, expect cooling performance to be 2 to 4 hours before you will need to add additional support ice or remove/consume the contents.

Mobility and Durability – 2 star

There is a lot of room for the size of this product, and you can expect it to meet your space needs for most applications.  Since there aren’t a lot of outside features or stiff materials used, the tote is very flexible and can form more accommodating shapes quite easily.  The side straps are in a good location to allow for easy carrying and they are sewn on well enough to minimize potential failure points. 

In addition, the fabric used is tough and helps to combat tears.  However, the entire tote is notorious for leaking so we recommend avoiding water exposure on the inside or outside.

Visual Appeal – 1.5 star

This tote is very plain looking, seeing how there are no external features or additional zippers or storage areas.  There are a few different color selections but overall it is a rather bland design.  This is in stark contrast to many of Arctic Zone’s other products such as their insulated lunch totes which come in a wide variety of fun colors and patterns.

Cost – 2.5 star

This product has been seen to be in the intermediate price tier online.  This is the middle of the road for us but considering that the other features and performance are rather lacking we would prefer to see a lower asking price.  There are plenty of choices out there that have longer ice life and performance.  But at the same time, those looking for this type of product aren’t overly concerned with ice life.

Overall Rating – 2 star

There are a lot of issues with this product, ranging from the extremely short cooling life, leak issues, plain looks, and a price that is much too high for what you are getting.  The portability and simplicity of a tote are tough to beat, but we just don’t see it being worth the price or other issues that are associated with this product.

Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Freezer Tote Review
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