Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Igloo Contour Cooler

30, 25, 52, and 165 quart sizes

Plastic and metal composition


Pros: Very mobile, comfortable to carry, nice grip on handles, affordable
Cons: Cooling ability could be a little better, no cup holders

Ergonomic curved back, Cool Riser technology, molded side handles, rotating overhead handle
Igloo Contour Cooler Review

Igloo Contour Cooler Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 19, 2019

This is our Igloo Contour Cooler Review.  The Igloo Contour cooler line is comprised of a variety of cooler sizes and specifications all centered on a more progressive and ergonomic design.  The contoured body makes for a more comfortable carrying experience is it hugs to your body and helps reduce harsh impact.  It comes with a variety of handles ranging from conventional overhead hinged handles to molded side handles and even a glide slide-and-lock handle for the wheeled example. 

Other interesting features such as built-in condiment shelves, integrated tie-down loops, and even fish measuring rulers mean that there is likely a particular example that fills your needs.  It is available in a variety of colors, is primarily made of plastic with some metal hardware, and comes in 30, 52, and 165 quart non-wheeled and 38 quart wheeled examples.

Insulation ability –  3 star

Igloo Contour Cooler Review

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Overall all of these ice boxes do a good job of insulating.  While they don’t have the thickest insulation in the world, it is good enough.  They also have Cool Riser technology which helps to elevate the base of the cooler off the ground, minimizing how much cold air can escape through the base. 

Expect ice to stay cold for anywhere from 2 to 3 days, depending on the model.  The 165-quart ice chest might creep up to 3.5 days.  The only minor complaint is that the lid isn’t completely insulated so some cold air may escape out of it.  For the simplicity and price point, this ice life is quite good but it will still fall short compared to the “big boys” in the cooler industry.

Mobility and durability –  4.5 star

These coolers are extremely user-friendly and are very easy to move around.  The contours greatly assist in making it a comfortable move as the grooves will literally hug your body and help resist painful bouncing back and forth.  In addition, some of the sizes come with both overhead and as well as built-in handles which means that you have choices depending on what is most comfortable for you.

The handles have a good grip as well so slippage concerns are minimized.  If you opt to roll your cooler there is also a 38-quart wheeled option you can go with as well.  Built quality is spot on and these should last for several years.  Igloo really has fine-tuned these to the point that they are extremely reliable.

Visual Appeal –  3.5 star

The more modern look of Igloo Contour Coolers really makes them stand out when compared to most conventional coolers.  The contours that exist (as evident by the name of the product) look great.  There are also a few color options as well as camouflage options as well.  We do wish they had built–in cup holders, however.  Also, you won’t find a lot of additional features on the cooler so the design is quite simple.

Cost –  3.5 star

Online prices for these will mostly be in the top of the budget range.  This is a very affordable cooler and should be within everybody’s budget.  And while you won’t get the level of ice performance and features of premium coolers, the asking price here makes these much more reasonable for people on a tight budget.

Overall Rating –  3.5 star

The Igloo Contour Cooler Review earns 3.5 coolers out of 5.  These coolers perform quite well and have the insulation ability to last for a long weekend on the beach (particularly if you go with the largest size).  There aren’t a ton of size choices but what is available is proven and should be large enough to fit everything you need for a couple of days.  The user-friendly layout and nice build quality mean that you will get plenty of uses out of these.  The price is acceptable and minor issues such as a non-insulating lid and no cup holders can easily be overlooked.

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