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This is a listing of all Dalix Coolers for sale that have been reviewed and we also list what we think are the best Dalix Coolers with our internal ranking system. Dalix focuses mostly on simple, soft-sided bags and tote bags intended for lunch or small picnics.  Instead of trying to cram a ton of features, exotic materials, and super long cool life they go for budget solutions for those that would like to keep things simple and not feel it on the wallet.  

If you are looking for a lightweight and mobile solution for your short-term cooling challenges then consider checking out our Dalix reviews. Also, if you are in the market for affordable and simple soft-sided coolers that you only need to keep items cool for a few hours we recommend you also go check out our reviews on Everest Coolers, Ozark Trail Coolers, Sacko Coolers, Wildkin Coolers, and Yens Coolers.

Our Top Rated Dalix Coolers

 Dalix Cooler and Lunch BagDalix Cooler BagDalix Cooler Tote Bag
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Our Rating3 star2 star2 star
Price by Volume (Amazon)$$$$$
Ice Life4-6 hours2-4 hours2-4 hours
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Extreme Mobility

If you are looking for an extremely mobile, lightweight product to carry your lunch around then Dalix might be the perfect answer for you.  In its straightforward approach, they focus on lightweight materials and compact size which means that just about everyone should have an easy time carrying one of its products around.  

This is especially useful if you are severely limited in your storage space or have a job or task that requires you to be able to be constantly on the move.  These lunch bags and totes can fit easily on a motorcycle, locker, under a car seat, and just about anywhere else you would need to store them.  They are also optimally sized to give you the storage area you need but still be shaped in a way that makes it easy to tuck away wherever they need to.

Multiple Carrying Methods

multiple carrying methods dalix

Dalix products will often have multiple ways to carry them, including a top handle as well as a removable side shoulder strap.  This can greatly assist if you are trying to move multiple objects at once or need your hands to be free for other tasks.  There are a lot of smaller totes and lunch boxes that don’t have these features and it really can turn us off from them.  This also compliments their great mobility quite well.  Many people aren’t looking for a lot of pockets and features, and simply want something that is easy to carry around.

Impressive Size Range for a Soft-Sided Cooler

When people typically think of soft-sided coolers they picture small products that have severely limited storage capacity.  Dalix breaks this stereotype by offering a rather impressive range of storage sizes.  On the lower end, it is intended for a small individual’s lunch needs but on the large side, there is enough storage capacity for a large group’s drinks or a huge picnic meal.  We are glad that Dalix has expanded its offerings to include larger sizes since the high-capacity choices for soft-sided products are a bit limited overall.

Smart Implementation of its Storage Space

When you first look at a Dalix product you could be worried about having enough storage space, even for individual purposes.  However, you might be surprised once you put your hands on one.  While these products aren’t typically meant to store items for a huge family reunion or a week-long excursion, they are designed to store just about everything one would need for a lunch or a small picnic, even in some cases items that don’t have to be kept cold!

 It is nice to have a product that lets you put your chilled items, water bottle, keys, wallet, etc. in without worry.  The location of the storage areas is also quite well thought out.  They are typically in highly accessible areas that make it easy to access if you are carrying it or if it is sitting down.  We like this since there is nothing more frustrating than having to dig through a cooler bag to find a particular item.

A lot of Helpful Features

Dalix is very clever in how they incorporate a nice array of features into their products.  This includes various external pockets as well as separate insulated and non-insulated storage sections.  With the addition of these, you could find a place to store and package all of your items, even those that don’t need to stay chilled.  

There are so many larger coolers on the market that don’t decide to include as many features as some Dalix products despite there being a lot more room on the outside for them.  As mentioned above, they also typically include multiple carrying methods.

Reasonably Priced

One common theme with Dalix products is their affordable asking price.  This can be very important for those on a tight budget and who are looking for a simple solution but still don’t want to skimp on performance or key features.  It is also reassuring as many of the coolers we review on this site can be very expensive, so to have some cheaper options is a welcome addition.  Not everybody wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a product, nor do they need a cooler that can keep ice frozen for a week at a time.

General Product Information

Products reviewed: Dalix Cooler and Lunch Bag, Dalix Cooler Bag, Dalix Cooler Tote Bag

Range of storage sizes: 6.5 to 60 quarts

Range of estimated ice life: Up to 6 hours

Materials used: Plastic, polyester, and metal

Price range: Budget to intermediate

Wheeled options? No

Company website:

Dalix Cooler and Lunch Bag

dalix cooler and lunch bag review

Our Rating:  3 star

For a simple and low-cost lunch bag, this will suffice.  While it does have thin walls, the cooling life isn’t that bad considering the price.  There are also quite a few places to store additional items.  But there are some quality issues and don’t store anything fragile in the top compartment: it can be easily crushed.

Pros: Good cooling performance for the price, multiple storage areas, affordable

Cons: Quite large for a lunch bag, the strap is somewhat weak, items in the top compartment can crush ones in the bottom compartment

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Dalix Cooler Bag

dalix cooler bag reviewOur Rating: 2 star

The best thing that this Cooler Bag has going for it is its multiple places to carry items.  Also, it doesn’t have too big of a sticker shock.  However, the construction quality is sub-par (particularly around the strap) and the cooling ability isn’t great.

Pros: Multiple carrying options, additional front storage pockets, decent price

Cons: Cooling ability could be better, the strap is very weak, only two color choices

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Dalix Cooler Tote Bag

dalix cooler tote bag reviewOur Rating: 2 star

This is more of a tote than a cooler and the large carrying area will support that.  Also, the simple design results in a very affordable price.  But the cooling performance is downright bad and we recommend avoiding the use of ice altogether.  The simple approach could work but it needs a few additional tweaks first.

Pros: Plenty of storage area, great price

Cons: Struggles with cooling, not waterproof at all, very plain looking, few additional features

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