Dalix Cooler and Lunch Bag Review



Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Dalix Cooler and Lunch Bag

9 quarts size

Plastic, polyester, and metal composition

Budget to Intermediate-priced

Pros: Good cooling performance for the price, multiple storage areas, affordable
Cons: Quite large for a lunch bag, strap is somewhat weak, items in the top compartment can crush ones in the bottom compartment

Two separated insulated compartments, front zippered pocket, two side mesh pockets, easy-handle shoulder strap
Dalix Cooler and Lunch Bag Review

Dalix Cooler and Lunch Bag Review

The Dalix Cooler and Lunch Bag is designed to fulfill the requirements for two separate things: a place to pack your lunch and also a place to store your drinks for a picnic or small outdoor gathering.  To accomplish this, there are two separate insulated compartments, one having access via the top of the bag and the second having a zipper towards the top-middle of the bag directly below the top compartment.  This means that you can put all of your heavy and hard cans and bottles in a compartment and then put your more fragile and soft items in a separate one, all the while keeping both cool.   For additional storage, there is a front zipper pocket as well as side mesh pockets.  For mobility, there is a side shoulder strap.  This product comes in three colors, is primarily made of polyester, plastic, and metal, and stores approximately 9 quarts.

Insulation ability –  3.5 star

The cooling ability of this bag is pretty good for a budget offering, and you can expect it to keep items cool for 4 to 6 hours.  The most interesting cooling feature here is having two separate cooling compartments so that you can store your items by type and also have some that are easier to access via the top zipper.  While similar, we would say that the bottom compartment will have a little bit longer cool life both because it is better surrounded by insulation and it is also a bit larger.

Mobility and durability –  2.5 star

For being a “lunch bag” this is a relatively large product, and bigger than most of your traditional lunch carriers.  As such, when full, it might not enjoy the same space-saving and mobility of other products.  That being said, it does also store quite a bit more so for someone who needs more space than a typical lunch tote or bag has then this could be a great solution.  The additional front zipper compartment and side mesh is just an added bonus.  When full, this product can be quite heavy and, unfortunately, the strap has a tendency to fall apart over time.  In addition, the fabric used is not super strong and can tear if brushed against a high-friction counter, for example.  Finally, the insulation is very thin, and this results in a rather flimsy bag when empty.  A minor issue can arise where if you put something, especially relatively heavy, in the top compartment but not that bottom compartment it can essentially “smush down” the bottom of the bag, which can be frustrating.

Visual Appeal –  2.5 star

While there are three different color choices, they are rather mundane in regards to style.   There are no pattern or material alterations and rather it is a solid color (blue, black, or red) with black accents.  And being sort of a hybrid cooler/lunch bag the shape and design are a bit odd.

Cost –  3 star

This product will generally be found in the high budget to low intermediate price tiers.  These smaller coolers will oftentimes run a higher asking price on a strict dollar to quart basis, but they should still be pretty reasonably priced overall.

Overall Rating –  3 star

A decent price and acceptable cooling ability make this a soft buy.  While it does struggle with storage size and the walls of the bag are a bit thin for our liking, the pros still outweigh the cons here if you just need a simple lunch bag.

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