Yens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack Review



Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Yens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack

7 quarts size

Plastic composition


Pros: Incredibly affordable, very lightweight
Cons: Poor cooling ability, fragile construction, limited storage size, very plain looking

Flexible and easy-storage structure, adjustable shoulder strap, front zipper access
Yens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack Review

Yens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack Review

This is our Yens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack Review.  The Yens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack is a lightweight and extremely mobile cooling solution for people who need to be able to easily throw a pack on their back to keep their items cool while avoiding it interfering with their activities.  The main compartment has an insulated lining that helps to keep in cold while there is an additional front zippered pocket that can fit your non-chilled accessories.  To close the compartment, there is a drawstring closure and to carry the backpack there is an adjustable shoulder strap.  This product is available in 3 different colors, stores around 7 quarts of volume when full, and is made of plastic.

Insulation ability –  1.5 star

This product really struggles with keeping items cold for very long.  In an attempt to be very lightweight and mobile Yens gave up a vast majority of the inherent cooling ability.  While it is technically “insulated” the insulation is so thin that it is hardly noticeable.  In addition, the closure method is via a drawstring that, even when closed very tightly, still results in a sizeable gap which can lose cool air very easily.  As such, don’t expect more than a couple of hours of viable cooling ability out of this product.

Mobility and durability –  2 star

In terms of mobility not much can compete with this.  It is so lightweight and portable that won’t even realize you are carrying it unless you load it up quite a bit.  This is nice but there are some shortcoming to this attribute.  First, it is quite small even when full.  Seeing how it can’t keep items cold for a very long time this isn’t a huge issue since it should only be intended for a short trip but we still wish it was a bit larger.  In addition, being as thing as it is it is quite fragile and there are a couple of noticeable weak points.  The straps are simply strings and can break very easily, especially when full.  Secondly, the liner is very thin and can tear when it rubs against an abrasive surface.  The additional storage in the front is a nice touch albeit too small for anything of noticeable size.

Visual Appeal –  1.5 star

This is a very modest-looking backpack.  It is more or less a bag with a drawstring on it and no major discernible external features.  If you are looking for a stream less simple look this might appeal to you but we still wish there was a bit more to go with here.  At least there are a few different color options.

Cost –  5 star

This backpack can be purchased online in the budget tier.

Overall Rating –  2 star

The Yens Fantasybag Drawstring Cooler Backpack Review earns 2 out of 5 coolers.  The only bright spot of this backpack is its mobility and price.  It struggles with keeping items cold and doesn’t really offer much other than a way to carry some items.  If you are strapped for cash or do not care about having much cooling performance it might work for you but other than that don’t waste your time.

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