Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack

22 cans (approx. 22 quarts) size

Plastic, fabric, and metal composition


Pros: Extremely mobile, plenty of pockets for storage, nice design
Cons: Struggles some with keeping items cool, weak straps

Padded backpack straps, separate carrying handle, three outer pockets, internal mesh pocket, zip pocket on lid


Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack Review

Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 21, 2019

This is our Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack Review.  The Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack is intended for those needing adequate cooling performance for their short outing or picnic but having the convenience and mobile capabilities of a backpack.  This product contains a roomy and deep insulated inner zipper compartment along with several external pockets for those items you don’t wish to keep cold.  Carrying is accomplished by 2 conventional padded shoulder straps. It fits 22 cans (or around 22 quarts of total storage volume), comes in a series of color schemes, and is made of a combination of fabric, plastic, and metal.

Insulation ability –  2.5 star

Despite being a backpack and not having significantly thick side walls this product does a good job of keeping items cool for a while.  You can expect 4 to 5 hours of cooling performance with this product, depending on how full you make it.

Mobility and durability –  2.5 star

Being a backpack, this product has a significant advantage over conventional coolers because it is easily carried while still having both hands free.  There is enough room to store drinks and food for a small family or group and even when the backpack is full the shoulder straps are still comfortable. 

The inclusion of 4 external pockets, 2 of which can be tightened adds to the storage space and gives plenty of options.  Unfortunately, the build quality is really lacking with this product.  The straps can fall apart relatively easily and when the backpack is filled to capacity things can fall apart rather quickly.

Visual Appeal –  3 star

There are four different color schemes which are nice and should appeal to just about everyone.  The overall design is very nice and is presented in a way that many people wouldn’t even realize that this is a cooler instead of a normal backpack.

Cost –  2.5 star

The price per quart online is in the intermediate price tier.

Overall Rating –  2.5 star

The Picnic at Ascot Cooler Backpack Review receives 2.5 out of 5 coolers.  If you are simply looking for a backpack to keep our items cool for a few hours this will work, but it doesn’t do anything incredibly well.  Cooling ability is average at best and the straps are notoriously weak.  There is quite a bit of carrying space considering the size, however.

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