Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Rubbermaid Gott Marine Cooler

102 and 150 quart sizes

Plastic composition

Budget to intermediate-priced

Pros: Fantastic insulation, very tough, good grips, great price
Cons: Lid can bit a little stubborn, quite bulky

Extra chick insulation, built-in cup holders, reinforced seat lid, embedded extra wide handles, slots for ice packs


Rubbermaid Gott Marine Cooler Review

This is our Rubbermaid Gott Marine Cooler Review.  The Rubbermaid Gott Marine Cooler is an upgraded and updated design of Rubbermaid’s conventional marine cooler.  It has many unique filters such as improved insulation that is extra thick, promising up to 7 days of cooling power, built-in extra wide handles which allow for two-handed access and remove the potential weak point that exists with conventional handles, built-in cup holders, a hinged lid with secure snap feature, threaded drain plug, built-in slots for freezer packs, among other features.  It comes in white and is available in 102 and 150-quart choices.  It is primarily made of hard plastic.

Insulation ability – 5 star

This cooler insulates extremely well.  The extra thick plastic does a fine job of keeping items cold and the inclusion of the optional cold packs on the roof of the lid guarantees an impressive performance.  A properly maintained cooler that is not constantly opened and is using the ice packs with adequately conventional ice can expect to keep items cold for an entire week.  The lid can require a bit of force to push down so be sure to give it an extra push to ensure a proper seal.

Mobility and durability – 4 star

Any 100+ quart ice box that is full of ice and other items is going to be quite heavy, especially without any sort of wheeled mechanism.  Despite that, this is about as easy carrying as you can get with extra wide handles that can fit two hands.  Rubbermaid has also taken away the conventional handles which have proven to be weak points in many of their designs.  Instead, you are left with molded handles which have surprisingly good grip.  The cooler is quite durable except for the hinges which can be prone to weakening and potentially breaking over time. Due to the high amounts of water that marine coolers can be exposed to the choice to go with a non-metal hinge makes sense but it is definitely the weak point on the product.

Visual Appeal – 3.5 star

Despite being plain white, it is a good looking cooler.  The molded handles flow well with the outside of the cooler and the embedded cup holders and internal freezer pack slots look nice and sturdy.

Cost – 3.5 star

Online prices for this product put it in the high budget to low intermediate range.

Overall Rating – 4 star

The Rubbermaid Gott Marine Cooler Review earns 4 out of 5 coolers.  This is a very well-performing ice box with a lot of great features for a good price.  It does the most important criteria (cooling) quite well and you can actually expect ice to last for a full week in optimal settings.  The weak point of hinges can be overlooked when you see all of the other positives that these cooler possess.

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