Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag Review

Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag Review

Storage Size: 23 quarts size
Construction: Plastic, metal, and polyester composition
Cost: Budget-priced
Features: Front pocket, side mesh pockets, overhead velcro enclosure, adjustable padded shoulder strap
Pros: Great price, high-quality insulation, large enough for most applications, quick-access Velcro hatch
Cons: Wish it was a little bit tougher

Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

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Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on July 22, 2020

This is our Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag Review.  The Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag is a larger cooler bag that is intended to fit everything you would need for a large lunch or outdoor gathering.  For storage, it is a large top enclosure the is insulated and intended to store your chilled items as well as a front pocket and side mesh pockets to store your non-chilled items. 

For convenience, there is a Velcro flap on top that allows you to access items within the bag without unzipping the entire top lid, which helps to maximize cool life.  Also, the inside is lined with PEVA lining to help make it both durable as well as waterproof.  For carrying, there is a large shoulder strap.  This product comes in a few different colors, stores approximately 23 quarts of volume, and is primarily made of plastic, metal, and polyester.

Insulation Ability – 3 star

This product does a pretty good job of keeping items cool.  This is thanks to a combination of both the size of it and the good insulation that it has.  The insulation, while not extremely thick, is of high-quality and does a nice job of keeping in the cold.  This is helpful as this is a rather large bag and intended to carry quite a few times, and as such having the maximum cool life is important. 

However, it is a soft-side so if you want an extremely long cool life you are better off going with a conventional hard cooler.  One important note is that this product isn’t intended to have ice put in it.  Rather, it is recommended to use gel packs or ice packs.

Mobility and Durability – 3.5 star

This is a rather large bag, and as such it will essentially carry just about everything you would need for a picnic.  Since large bags that are full typically weight a lot, having high-quality construction and quality materials is important and this product meets those requirements.  The fabric used is relatively strong and tear-proof and the PEVA liner helps to further that. 

Because it is larger it won’t be quite as mobile as some of your smaller products but for its size, it is still quite lightweight and easily collapsed and stored when empty.  Probably our favorite feature is the handy quick-access Velcro hatch on the lid that makes grabbing smaller items from inside a breeze without opening the entire lid. It is more or less waterproof but it is still not recommended to expose it to ice or large amounts of water.  The addition of the front and side storage compartments helps to further increase its effectiveness in storing all the items you need to pack.

Visual Appeal – 3.5 star

Not only does this product come in a few color choices, but all look great and compliment the standard black and gray portions of the bag quite well.  It is a rather modern look and there are some nice variations in fabric patterns.  Furthermore, Sacko can implement the top access pouch without making it look forced or cheesy.

Cost – 5 star

This cooler bag can typically be found well into the budget tier.

Overall Rating – 4 star

The Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag Review achieves 4 coolers out of 5.  This is a great-performing bag for the price.  It should be large enough to store just about everything you would need and comes with enough unique features such as the quick-access hatch to make it stand out from the competition.  Anybody who is in the market for a soft-sided cooler should check this one out.

Sacko Insulated Cooler Bag Review
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