Insulation Ability
Mobility and Durability
Visual Appeal
Overall Rating

Picnic Time Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote

17 quarts size

Plastic, metal, and fabrics composition


Pros: Thick insulation, high-quality materials used, awesome looking design and layout
Cons: Severely limited insulated volume, expensive

Front and top zipper pockets, includes knife, forks, spoons, salt and pepper shakers, adjustable shoulder strap, separate carrying handle, internal mesh pockets
Picnic Time Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote Review

Picnic Time Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on June 21, 2019

This is our Picnic Time Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote Review.  The Picnic Time Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote is an all-in-one tote for those looking to have a convenient and mobile lunch solution for your next outdoor picnic or small gathering.  The main lower section is insulated so as to maximize cooling performance while there are several other zippered compartments in place to store non-perishable items. 

A cool feature is also the inclusion of a stainless steel knife, fork, and spoon as well as salt and pepper shakers, meaning all you really have to worry about is the food you are going to eat.  Carrying methods include a conventional overhead handle as well as a large side strap that can be removed if desired.  There are approximately 17 quarts of storage, it comes in a variety of colors, and is made of fabrics, plastic, and metal.

Insulation ability –  3 star

The area that is intended for perishable items is quite good and should keep ice or your items cold for more than enough time for typical lunch and picnic outings.  This is thanks to the thick insulation used as well as the good construction and relatively air-tight zipper.  You can expect items to stay cool for up to 12 hours.  The main issue is that while this insulated area is quite good, it is very small so you may have difficulty fitting all of the items that you need to.

Mobility and durability –  3 star

The build quality of this product is quite good.  Tough materials are used and the sewing is also acceptable so you shouldn’t expect any major weak points.  The inclusion of two handles is nice as it allows you to carry it even if your hands are full.  There are a ton of storage areas and the fact that it contains just about everything you would need for a picnic other than the consumables is a huge selling point. 

The only issue, as mentioned above, is that you may not have enough space for all of your cold items.  While this may be acceptable if you are purchasing a small tote, this is actually on the larger size and as such doesn’t have the storage benefits of a smaller tote but yet has equivalent insulated storage space.

Visual Appeal –  4.5 star

Overall this product is very attractive looking.  It appears to be high quality from the cooler itself all the way to the included silverware and other items.  Most importantly all of these items come together nicely and it looks very professional and presentable.  Furthermore, there are quite a few different color options which can add variety.

Cost –  2 star

The price of this tote will be in the premium tier.

Overall Rating –  3.5 star

The Picnic Time Pranzo Insulated Lunch Tote Review earns 3.5 out of 5 coolers.  We like this tote because of all that it offers.  While it does an acceptable job of the core requirement of keeping items cold, it has a plethora of other features and items that come with it that really makes it the total package.  The price, while on the high side, is somewhat justified because when you buy this you are buying much more than simply a tote.

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